The Old Rail Trail in Westmeath Ireland.

photo 4-53

My brother John Jo holding my mother’s cat

Hello, I am back again in the good old USA after an eight-day stay in Ireland at my brother’s farm in County Westmeath, very close to the center of Ireland. All my siblings and some first cousins all gathered for a family reunion in the Glason Golf Club Hotel. My sister Frances Longworth organized a great evening gathering and staying over until after breakfast next morning. It was one of the most satisfying events, as we had time to catch up and share our lives with each other.

The night sky breaking into dawn over Ireland was a delight to see and I was very happy to be home again in the motherland. I will write a couple of stories about my travels with this first one focusing on the Old Rail Trail.

photo 1-72

The morning sky from the Airplane at 4 am prior to landing in Dublin

An old railroad runs by my brother’s farm house, through his land. The railroad has been paved into a seven foot wide bicycle trail that runs for 40 kilometers between the towns of Athlone and Mullingar, both towns in County Westmeath.

photo 1-75

It is now called The Old Rail Trail and has a gentle grade. It was an active railroad and I, as a five year old, holding onto my father’s hand, remember seeing a steam engine train go under the bridge I was standing on. After it passed I raced to the other side of the bridge to see it go out of sight. There are gates and a way to bring a bicycle on to the trail from the house.


Freight trains ran by in the middle of the night, mostly ignored by us sleeping humans, rumbling along shaking the house, invading our dreams.

This holiday, most days, I spent an hour or two on this Old Rail Trail exploring and taking photos, sometimes with my brother, my nieces,Clare and Mary and my sister in law, Nora, having good laughs along the way.


Many kinds of birds live along this sometimes-shaded path. The blackbird’s song was especially sweet. Both sides of this path are pleased to be covered in wild flowers, daisies and the weather was mild and gently sunny, encouraging bicyclists and flowers in every way.

It only took twenty-five minutes to go to the nearest town, Moate, by the rail trail.


Most visits home involve a little conflict as we get among ourselves. I was late for an important date. (I went riding the bicycle for too long) and I was reprimanded. I threw the bicycle down and begged for forgiveness as I prostrated myself. One of my sisters who did not seem too invested in the whole late thing, laughed and said I was not contrite enough and kicked my gently on my behind, which was up in the air. Several other family members had a great view of this from the house where all were waiting for my arrival back home. It was a lovely sunny day and they had a perfect view. My niece Clare said,  as she clicked her fingers, “someone give me the popcorn, as this is the best drama I have had in a long time.”


Later in the day as we visited New Grange site, Celine was taking photos and talked us though the whole scene with much laughter,  emphasizing the part where my behind was in the air and she kicking it.

photo 4-59

Bridey in Moate on her bike spinning her wheels.

I wanted to spin my wheels about what happened on the Old Rail Trail but with focusing on the present moment and with meditation,  I am on the other side of the tracks now and am in the laughter of what happened and in the present moment of appreciating a great family gathering and great days visiting old holy places thousands of years old. Those visits will be the subject of my next blogs.

photo 5-40

Daisies everywhere on the Old Rail Trail


And if you would like to tether your ego and not spin your wheels so much, and start considering feedback from your own unconscious, from your dreams, be sure to contact me and I can arrange a way to work with you. I work through skipe, phone, or in individual sessions at my home office in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Come for a week or two and squeeze in a few sessions on dreams. There is nowhere more beautiful than the Shenandoah Valley. I look forward to hearing from you.

I also encourage clients to work with my Dream Leaflet through snail mail. Yes, there is some homework involved but who would not want to give up an hour to investigate oneself, and your hidden treasures and strengths. These Dream Leaflets are a way to work with your dreams in a practical way, seeing how the dream is connected to your current issues and goals, highlighting attitude, encouraging efforts. My role will be as a mentor to you on your journey. My forty plus years as a Dream Specialist and twenty years as a Mental Health Counsellor will benefit your quest to know yourself and your strengths. May you go onto that marvelous Old Trail of Dreams, through which you find your true self. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.

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5 Responses to The Old Rail Trail in Westmeath Ireland.

  1. Just wonderful seeing you with your family in the land of the ancestors! And the HIGH FLYER is quite stirring as an image!! Thanks for sharing your soul travels with us! How do I order a booklet of your dream flyers?

    • rlongwort says:

      Dear Mysticrose, Thank you for your positive comments. I am glad you asked about my Dream Leaflet. I will send you five Dream Leaflets for $10. You just have to give me your address, which I will not post, of course. After you work on the dream through the leaflet, you can send it back to me, if you want, and pay for however many minutes you want me to talk with you about it. We can meet in person or on the phone. Either way, an appointment will need to be made. It can be as short as 10 minutes and as high as an hour, depending on your needs and on your budget. It works out at a dollar a minute. Let me know if I can help you. Thanks again.

    • rlongwort says:

      I am getting my dream flyers printed as we speak. I will let you know when they are available as a book of 20.

  2. athewriter says:

    Amazing pictures and i love the popcorn story! I can totally see that happening. The bike path looks awesome. Really it all looks awesome. Definitely want to visit one day!

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