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The Leprechauns and The Negalmankies.

The Leprechauns and The Negalmankies. When Uisneach discovered Mariah had thrown out his Negalmankies, he was livid. He felt she had vandalized his place and had taken what was his. The day had come to mend them and then he … Continue reading

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The Leprechaun and her tea set.

When Mariah went visiting her family, she was assigned a bed on a couch under the dish cabinet. She was tired that first night and was quickly asleep. When she woke up she caught sight of her mother’s china in … Continue reading

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Mandala Assessment Research Instrument – MARI

    I just came back from my final training in Cleveland Ohio for MARI Card readings. The Cards are a psychoanalytic tool to assess where a person is on the round of life, and the strength and the challenges … Continue reading

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Leprechaun Lists

Disclaimer for all the Leprechaun stories on this site. The characters developed bear no relation to anyone living or deceased. They are a figment of my imagination and are being used to bring out some points relating to relationship, and … Continue reading

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The Day of the Dead – Cemetery Sunday in Ireland

This week I came across some excerpts from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. My mother got this book, on a tape, after she was declared legally blind. She did not care for my clumsy conversation about death, some twenty … Continue reading

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