Leprechaun and the Key

She, Mariah, knew that he, Uisneach, had a plan but as usual she did not know the time or the hour. She was out at the line folding the bedclothes when he came by. He took the four corners of the quilt she was folding, She has spent a long time proudly putting it together.


The quilt

The quilt started to billow and he started to rise into the deep blue sky. She knew he was going, she just could not believe he would be taking her sewing project with him.

She immediately knelt down to pray to get the quilt back but after some time she gave up, as no amount of beseeching, pleading or ordering helped. Even her favorite prayer did not work “ Bring back, I beseech thee Oh Lord, my quilt into my heart…”

photo 5-17

Other prayers she liked

She was on her own for a few weeks and was immediately confronted by locked doors. She forgot to bring the key with her three times in all. As a symbol she wondered what she was dealing with. One of the pears she got, free offering, from a magnificent pear tree nearby, rolled out of her arms two times, coming to rest on the same spot on the ground both times and she wondered how that connected to the key problems.

She found herself complaining to one of her sisters and felt very awkward and nasty as she did so, but unable to stop herself. She could see herself technically opening and closing her mouth, the sounds far away. She hoped she would be locked out of doing that again. She hoped she would be locked out of her old self, that always came to rest in the same place, complaining and going over, old “not in the moment” stuff.

photo 1-65

The pear rolled into the same place on the floor twice.

When she was finally back in the house she had to make up her bed without her favorite quilt. She found an ugly shrunk sheet, and had to be satisfied with that.

photo 3-17

Shrunk quilt

That night she had fitful sleep and in her dream she was lured through a door into the room of the plates. The plates were demanding, telling her stories, gossiping, complaining, in bad tempers, broken, plates high and mighty on the walls and all at the same time. The noise was deafening. It woke her up.

In a later dream she had a big long conversation with the plate that used to be part of the druid Bernie’s household. The plate claimed to read his mind when he was eating off her surface. She was a little in love with his beautiful face and always knew when he was distracted by other women. He was a celibate man and she had to show him visions on herself of his holy mission to bring him back to his calling. He usually cleaned off his plate of the porridge and greens and other fare before she could get his attention.

Mariah woke up early and  wandered into the kitchen and heard her neighbor’s dog crying for its owner who was on some pilgrimage of her own to the beach. She wanted to walk out in the moonlight and console the dog but he did not want her. He was having a fitful night too as he cried and slept in turn.


The sun is up

She resolved to stay up as the light was brightening the morning sky. Later she saw vultures circling in the updraft and the wind was blowing them over her way. She loved to see the big birds in flight above and one came directly over her head where she saw the underneath of its wing flash bright as it caught the sunlight coming up. He moved in a slow rhythmic way away from her after she thanked the bird for coming directly overhead. He was soon joined by twenty four others that circled and moved with the wind toward the south east. When they went out of sight she put her mind to the days chores.

The end.

photo 1-115

Morning meditation candle

The next morning Rose woke up in a low mood to go with the weather, which included frequent downpours. She knew her roof had started some leaks after the last storm. She was waiting on a quote from a roofer, who was busy. She was caring for her neighbor’s cats and went there after Qi Gong exercises. She fitted in a short meditation before ten o’clock, lighting some white sage and a candle. It was 11.30 before she finished breakfast and sat down to write. She planned to get some more watercolors including sage green, and ultramarine blue. She might go for a swim and when the sun came out she photographed flowers, mushrooms and the lovely wall where she parked her bike. She also edited a poem below about her visit to Cleveland. It describes some thoughts after a meditation and a reaction to three huge bronze statues in the Contessa Gallery.

In Cleveland on 8th July 2017.

The goose with her seven feathered goslings walks across the road stopping the traffic

The pine tree talks to me

Everyone you meet completes you

Welome them

The sun is up

The blue and the green pour down in ripples



The Contessa Gallery

The three bronze kneeling statues

Fill the room

arrest me into a deep breath

drops me down

A radiance pours forth from their knees

Stops my traffic


And if you have a mind to find the key to some of your dreams and understand what is standing behind the door of the unconscious for you, be sure to come to my front room and we can pull away and see your path to your interior castle.

Love from Rose.









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2 Responses to Leprechaun and the Key

  1. jgmcnamara says:

    Good one!

    Uisneach will be home soon, bearing gifts.

    Enjoy your day,



    • rlongwort says:

      I thought we agreed that the characters in my blog bear no relation to anyone in reality. Glad you enjoy and read. R

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