Inner and Outer – Hair and Thoughts

I was at the local ice cream social on Wolfe Street, a place to meet neighbors, old and new. A new neighbor’s child said to me that I had hair like her favorite doll. This child had thick wavy flaxen hair. Her description of my hair included reference to curls in spots, pushed up at the back, curly and dark near the neck and fuzzy and bright up higher and then the rest of it “stuck out all over the place.” We had an audience.

photo 4-84

The tree in the hair

There is the caption “Hear no evil, See no Evil, Speak no evil.” Many people say that the politics has got them all upset. There is a lot of hearing, speaking and seeing, that is twisting people into being less than their relaxed selves. Ignoring certain marches completely has been helpful to me and also not listening to news in general is good. I hear plenty anyway.

photo 1-107

Politics can get us all upset it seems.

A recent dream brought a book of evil, bound with human skin to the dream of a young person. There was a long narrative surrounding this image and the dreamer thought of writing the whole dream as a short story. Evil was up front and center including the two lovely maidens, by the water, turning into evil creatures. A little cunning kindness may help decipher this dream.

2017-03-18 10.23.46

Just pretend

Sometimes evil presents itself in the dream, especially to those who consider them selves above such evil and having no connection to evil. To take some responsibility for the overall evil in the world is sometimes a challenge. What can we do about the evils of war, domination by war, poverty, pain etc.

I am not in charge of what goes on between warring states but I am in charge of the square inch house in the square inch field of myself. By improving ourselves we take over a lot of acres of the earth in this way.  Some people think that placing certain kinds of crystals all along the East cost will protect the great USA from evil. In my case I am in charge of the amount of love and peace I bring to my little field, or  the amount of anger and surliness I bring. The dream from the unconscious is trying to make its way out through archetypal images presented to have us claim some of our personal shadow as well as the overall shadow of our countries. Reducing the cloud of complaint and grumbling is an option, even if a difficult one. Claiming our personal shadow frees up the air around us. Considering the past collective evil will surely alert us to the fact we, the inhabitants of this earth, can be anything but good. The dream will give this shadow content to us.

photo 1-82

Am I in charge of my health also? This illness will help my soul develop and will test my patience and my attitude. I can say to myself “ there must be something I am doing, I have done, to have caused the illness I find myself in at present.” The tension of claiming that karma alone draws together something that transcends the illness.  As I apply myself in meditation, I open my arms to the possibility of a flow of energy, in the right direction, going out before me in a new day, meeting others in a new way, praying for their healing, seeking my own. This is my form of applied spirituality. This shift from fear of illness to pouring out the spirit  before our feet in a pale blue and green is magnificent and can easily be done in a daily practice.

photo 1-115

Candle lit during daily practice of meditation

When I have issues with others, can I consider that in a past life or this life, I was unkind to them and see what the dream or active imagination brings. Is there a “cat o nine tails” involved and who is wielding it? Sometimes it is hard to see through this glass darkly but considering these options brings me back to the only way forward. In meditation to ask to be forgiven, to let go, to look into the mist of time and consider there is a reason for everything. As time goes by, the one who meditates becomes more psychic and the one who meditates in the morning as the sun rises has better chance of everything being brought to remembrance. That is the promice.

photo 1-57

Morning sunrise

And also to bring in the prayer, the intention of being in the light from this day forward, asking for that which is of the light to come down in meditation and change the heart into one which considers love, peace , patience and understanding into every situation. Owning your soul is the goal, to let the soul develop.

I am going to Guatemala in two weeks. There are two spots still available for two more people. If you would like to come to heal the wounds of love in you self you can contact me through this site. I will be leading a two hour workshop during the retreat. I am looking forward. 

I am also available for dreamwork. I am glad to do this work and look forward to hearing from some of you.

Love from Rose

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