Welcoming Love

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Joe, my live in partner, is on a trip with the Earthkeepers. He writes from Peru

“Today we visited a moon temple in Killarumyoc and had the eagle/condor union ceremony. It was very moving. The Canadian chief’s son broke down and cried when he tried to sing a song. Then, amazingly, a condor circled overhead. They are endangered specie.  At the next site in Moray the condor appeared again, way outside its normal range. Our guide who is an Inca shaman was amazed himself. Tomorrow we go to Ollantaytambo where the megalithic walls are ubiquitous. This land was called Og, a place where Atlanteans fled before the flood and these sites reflect the beautiful spirituality and technology they possessed.”

I am helping with Joe’s business, while he is away. I had a lovely time with his clients, who came to benefit from tachyon technologies, through having a time in the Tachyon Chamber and using the Laser.

I stayed over in Waynesboro and had a dream as follows:

photo 1-102

I am laying on the Tachyon Chamber with my partner Joe on right side and another man on the other side. This other man is healing my stomach and is removing something very heavy. On his third blast of healing, he sinks down off the chamber on to the ground and then Joe reaches under me and under him and brings him back up again. I was amazed with this dream as it happened while I was in the chamber.

My Family

About forty years ago I was left in charge of my two nieces and nephew, while the parents went out for the night. When the parents came back, the third child immediately put her two arms up into the air, welcoming her parents back and asking to be lifted up.

I cannot remember if she was taken up immediately but the image of her in her black corkscrew curls and little red dress with white bib has remained with me over the years. She was only six months old, not yet mobile to move from her spot on a blanket. At poetry group recently my friend, another Rose, suggested that raising our arms to God, physically, is a good idea because no Father can resist that plea to be lifted up.


Hands in the air




I Cannot Loose for Love

She sucked in her belly

To make room for the round

Blue ball and said

I cannot loose for Love

I suck in

To make room for the sun and moon and stars

To shine through my eyes

I cannot loose for Love

I can loose the boundary

I can loose the tea set

I can loose the argument

I can loose the fight

But I cannot loose for love

Love drops

Into the deepest spots

To syphon up

I cannot loose for love.




The sun is up

The end.

My son leaves for Iraq mid month. I love the connection with him and wept on my way home from his Airport departure, appreciating that he is someone on this earth that loves me. May he find all that he needs in his new assignments! I know that I cannot loose for this love.

photo 1-104

Drummer goes to Iraq – sketched at one of his concerts at JMU

I have returned to regular counseling work on Tuesday at the Center for Marriage and Family Counseling. I will be available other days for work with dreams at my home office. I will of course continue to write. I hope you will consider the unconscious elements in your life, which come through in your dreams, to make you whole. My unconscious is telling me there is some healing afoot and that I am connecting positively with my own masculine energies, and those same energies are working together, helping each other within me. Contact me through this site if you wish to follow up with me. I will welcome such contact with open arms. Love Rose.



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3 Responses to Welcoming Love

  1. Margot Bergman says:

    Hi Rose, I love the positive notes in this mailing. You so deserve it. Because you have asked me about my prayers before… I want to send you the (lengthy, sorry) text of my current practice which is what I think while doing the 30-min. QiGong practice of “lift chi up pour chi down.”I’ll try to paste it below… love, margot

    PRAYER/MEDITATION to accompany “LIFT CHI UP, POUR CHI DOWN” exercise. Intention: SERVICE, HEALING, PROTECTION, CLEAR THINKING, INTUITION, GOOD JUDGEMENT,OPEN HEART. Three parts:  PART 1: your personal Chi field  Bless and merge with the path directly ahead of your feet.  Gather and lift Chi to navel level, open in circle, connecting (behind) with anything good you did recently – raise in quality and capacity, up the chakras.  Lift Chi to 8th chakra, above head.  Draw down “personal God Stream” through center to heart level.  Reach forward to your natural environment to thank and merge.  Opening to sides, bless all human connections:  May I help in any way I can.  May I actually have a presence that benefits.  May my ideas, words, and actions be an inspiration for whoever can use it.  Lift Chi ball to overhead and pour down, focus (descending) on any center and organ of concern. Then merge with Mother Earth energy and return to solar plexus.  PART 2: invoking beings and energies usually considered beyond ourselves.  I offer my trust, faith, love, and gratitude to healers, helpers, spiritual guides, angels and nature spirits…. (to the sides).  The spirit of medicine and healing substances and plants… and may be blessed all beings on the land, visible and invisible, and the life of the soil.  I bless my garden of food and the food we eat.  I bless all the waters, happy and sufficient.  I bless the air as the true breath of life.  (slowly toward the front) Our seasons, rain, sunshine (ending with hands straight forward)  Now, before the Sunshine of my life: teachers, family and loved ones…  My soul, higher self, elders of my council: please inform my life, service, thoughts and feelings, lift us all up to be open to your presence and influence. (lifting chi up.)  I feel your gifts pouring in through my hands; I know myself to be standing in an ocean of blessings. (Then,  pouring chi down:)  As I embrace this abundance, I want to plant the awareness and appreciation of it in the causal center of my being (third eye, and over head) and send this powerful healing energy down the sacred spinal cord (back) to every center and organ, and may it be brought to bear (solar plexus) on this mind, body and spirit, TODAY.  Continuing down, around feet (“that I may continue to walk with the Mother all the rest of my days”), and up to the center again, opening out the “Solar Disk” as a bright light that shines like the sun… to be unveiled as appropriate.  PART 3: Abstract and Cosmic…  Shine on and connect with all my selves, with all my lives across the limits of time and space, other Earths, other Suns. Connect with all my fellow beings and all my fellow higher beings. (Lifting Chi up.)  As we gather at the ONE Source, which is empty and still, but wise and poised. (Down through crown chakra.)  Make this the central axis of my being, in which I BELIEVE…  In order to reach out to humanity (in front): forgive, accept, and recieve/take my part  (x2, circling left then right).  So becoming a link between heaven and earth.  Out of this, I unfurl my individual, unique expression, present in every word, action, gesture, glance…. may it be truth, beauty and goodness, with the open heart (lotus pose).  Dear Mother and Father God, make us one with you, (toward the sky) the Christ child, the master Jesus, all masters, and the great Chi Field (God), of which we have always been a part from the beginning.  May it shine on us: (descending) Cosmic Intelligence; Cosmic Balance; Cosmic Creativity; Cosmic Endurance, Unconditional Love (like gravity), and Non-Attachment.  (Back to our walk with the Mother) Oh, Mother, you are so generous. With you all this becomes real. (gather all around and finish at solar plexus.)  Thanks to All.   

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