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At the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn

I am part of a poetry group led by Susan Facknitz Phd. We meet about twice a month at Our Community Place. I love the way it stimulates my imagination and gives me a focus for my next piece of peotry writing. This is my most recent poem:


Honey Comb Heart

My head, my cup

Fill up

Feel the long blue drops

Fall down from the top

Drip drip drop

Of opalescence

Light purple jade

Honey blue bees

Land and dance

Horns of plenty

Into your alive

Honey hive

Drip drip drop

Warm golden cups

Circling up


Prayer wheels

Thunder around

God’s sound.

photo 4-157

Orchids at the Botanical Gardens

I started writing some poetry in my thirties, when I would wake up at night at 2 or 3 am. I had a tendency to worry and started to meditate at that time. I already had an 8am practice for meditation for 20 plus minutes. That time in the night would often wander out into a two-hour stretch. I had a formula, which I kept to, and it would bring me back to meditation many times and I would be able to leave the worry. I always loved the way it made me feel, full of peaceful and easy feelings, ready to curl up and go asleep again. I sometimes feel the need to write after meditation, and that is a fruitful time for the sentiments that come to me within the meditation. It is as if the emanation, which comes through in meditation, fans out into the words.

photo 3-170

Once I was told that I wrote poetry in another life, and as a woman writer, there was no outlet or acceptance of such activities and I burned them in the end, in that lifetime. I do not have any such memories. This keeps me from being swamped by such upsetting details. It may explain why I have an interest in poetry now and I do invest time into poetry when I am in a group. I produced a book or two for Christmas and gave them out as Christmas presents back in the last century. My poetry book, “To the Dark Tower” which I produced as part of an Honors Thesis, is in the JMU Library under my then married name McNamara and dated 1998.

photo 5-132

I am seeing people for dream work. One person said she has not come to see me yet as it makes her afraid of what I would think of her if she shared. I assure her and you that there is very little in my dreams that are better or worse than what comes through in yours. They are a gift waiting to be opened giving you that which will bring you toward wholeness.

photo 3-169

Bonsai beauty at the Botanical Gardens

I seem to have had a three-week break in dreaming but a piece of pyrite, stimulated the dreams again. Pyrite is shockingly shiny. In my dream I had many stones all labeled and set on shelves. I had to pick five of them to bring with me. In reality I have just five stones I have been gifted. The one I like best is a piece of Lapis Lingus.

2017-03-21 13.59.48

Lapis Lingus

I hold it for five minutes in meditation at times. I feel it has an emanation of its own, not to be revered as much as acknowledged, as that which centers me more than what I would be without it. I was pleased to have started up again with dreams and to have a memory of them.

photo 3-16

A cactus in my garden last June 2017

I look forward to hearing from you and to looking into your dreams soon. I am available during the week, except Tuesdays, and by appointment evenings and weekends. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Love from Rose.














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