A trip to the beach

photo 4-150

Virginia Beach in the Evening

I am thinking about the Water of Life and saying some prayers so that it will enter me – the water, that if I drink it I will never be thirsty again. I remembered a painting in the Vatican Museum when I visited Roam about seven years ago. The painting depicted Jesus sitting at the well and talking about the Water of Life. This paining was recessed somehow and came to life for me. Jesus was sitting relaxed and the woman was getting down from the well. They both took on life like proportions. He told her he had the Water of Life and if she drank it she would never be thirsty again. In the Museum I was in a stream of people going past the works of art and could not tarry there long. I came away with the impression I had seen both Jesus and the Woman.

photo 1-176

Here it is still vivid in the here and now of the beach, as I remember their feet, well sandaled and the robes with reds and greens and gold and the woman’s well rounded figure and toes below her beautiful robes. Some jars of water sat there. Her body was caught in the act of getting off the rim, one arm levering her down from the big round casing at the top of the well as she went to tell her kinsmen of his words and of his telling her the details of her life even as he had never met her before. So when I found some prayers to the Angel of the Water of Life I was hooked.

2017-01-06 11.14.01

The water of Life

I had a busy time getting ready for the beach trip I had organized with a friend. My friend decided not to come at the last minute as her sister was visiting from out of town. My friend did not know how to tell me she could not come and after some grumbling in general, said that I would need to go on my own. I had to do some prayers in order not to harbor some grumpy thoughts and was able to text my friend and tell her about my prayer efforts. My friend got worried and I got to laugh at her guilt. I concluded I would go happily on my own. I was loaded up with food and freedom and fantasy of having a few warm fall days at the beach. My host at the beach, went back and forth about letting me stay for a third night, as she was upset that my friend cancelled at the last minute and in the end I went to another place over the bay at Great Neck.

I am brought back again to the idea that thoughts are very strong. If my thoughts do not hurt or upset the other person, to whom they are directed, where do they and their energy go? Perhaps they go together with all the other unclaimed negative thoughts in the world and cause some trouble. I am unsure I want to claim that but I will continue to watch what I am thinking as negative thoughts will not do me any good, as they effect my hormonal balance, bringing me depression or anger or revenge clouds. I was mostly very happy at the beach, said lots of prayers and mantras and of course it is my happy place to be beside lots of water.

2017-04-20 20.06.35

Angel of the Water of Life

On the last evening on my trip, I went to look at the full moon with my host at Great Neck and we discussed her dreams about her “IT Platform.” Next morning she talked about her paintings and the vortexes of energy she finds in them. I understood her dream and felt that the vortexes of energy are her Platform. She wrote something down in that moment and was pleased. I felt the shivers of energy up my back, as we talked about this together, which lets me know I am onto something energetic for her.

When I was having lunch at the beach, I could hear a woman talking about numerology and I found out later she works with birth dates and is an astrologer. When she looked at my birthday she was able to point out deficits as well as strong points, where I need support and where I excel. I had three numbers in the place of the spiritual and so she said I would be strong and accurate, when talking about the spiritual life with people. I was well pleased with her brief reading on my birthdate.

photo 2-163

Pelican over waterfall in Meditation Garden at ARE

I went to meditate in the ARE Meditation Room, where the staff holds a guided meditation daily close to noon. There is a period of music, followed by affirmation and silence and then a period of praying for people on their prayer list, where people asked for prayer. There are four points in the room, which increase the energy there. There is a 40-kilo lapis from the Himalayas, a huge crystal in another corner and a Amethyst about four feet tall in a third corner. They are all very beautiful and with the view of the blue ocean out through the big glass window, it is a special place. I am always glad when I include a meditation there with my visit to the beach. I meditated in the small hours of the morning, in my room, on the beach in the early hours and before bedtime I said some prayers. I had my bike with me also and enjoyed an evening bike ride on the boardwalk bicycle path. I could see the full moon through the arm of Poseidon, a huge statue on the boardwalk.

I also ran into Judith Stevens, who is running a prison program, out of the ARE. She sends out books to prisoners and is currently trying to get a group going in the local jail. She is quick to point out that those who get in one of these groups usually stay out, when they get out. It has been a pleasure to run into her over the years. Joe and I hosted her when she visited Dublin, Ireland in the early eighties. She said she will never retire and is very energetic. I was once told by a woman in Dublin that in a past life I was concerned with the plight of prisoners in England.

I am not retired and am also energetic to get more people to work with their dreams where the energy is stored. I hope you will consider working on your dreams and contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.



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