A Flying Dream and Physical Therapy

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Nobly Knees in New York

After physical therapy this morning both my shoulder joints are buzzing in a good way. Some year ago I went to physical therapy for my knees. Try not to use them too much was the advice or they will wear out. I still loved to walk but over time was not able to keep up that Blue Ridge mountain-type walking and was more resigned to walking between exercise stations in Hill and Dale Park. I could always do QiGong and or Yoga and around the block walks. And I have ease in riding my bike. So when my hips and shoulder and other parts of my legs began to feel more stuck and giving me pain at night I had to do something.

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I am thinking about healing again and I can shift pain by meditating and by using the breath to work into an area of pain and relax and release a specific space in the body. Using the breath to bring the Air of Life into the problem spot, using those airways as they connect with every cell in the body is helpful. Using the Water of Life to be in the blood and to go in like fashion into every area of the body is also useful and finally using the Fire of Life to create heat in the offending painful area also has its place. It feels good, as the body relaxes more deeply with such exercise. It is always nice to feel a joint become noticeable warm and letting go of the pain. I just have to remember I am being helped rather than taking credit for healing myself. Angels and Helpers are invoked.

Other healers doing stone massage, acupressure, chiropractic always lightened me and adjusted me and I could go on feeling much better. Inevitably my old thoughts, diet, tension patterns would bring me back and I would be a bit worse for the wear over time. Aging and reduction in the beneficial youthful hormones played a part as did an inheritance of a tendency in the family to have my kind of issues.

I went from the Chiropractor, to PCP to the Physical Therapy professional. I told my PT worker that I had some friends who went to Physical therapy and claimed to have gotten completely cured of arm and hip problems. I knew I was in the right place. She said “No pressure.” I told her I would accept what ever she could achieve. It is great to be in the hands of a PT worker, who is grounded in the healing arts of the physical body. She knows and feels into the joints and how they are moving and adjusts me with specific exercises to stretch and loosen out what has become stuck. The effect was immediate for me, as she used her expertise. Doing specific exercises also hit the spot and held onto the relief from pain.

I think it will dovetail in a good way with the other modalities I use to retrieve my body from the slow march of old age and as I adjust my attitude toward inner healing. Throwing out disparate attitudes, of doubt and fear, will bring me into oneness also. I am thankful for any loosening, halting of that march into stiffness. I am not trying to live forever, just stay mobile in these later, creative and productive years of my life.

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Early blooming Christmas Cactus has finished blooming now

Flying Dream

It was 2.30 am and after putting my foot against the wall for one of my PT exercises I settled down to my meditation practice. I did some breath of fire breathing and my partner rolled well over to the other side of the bed dragging blankets with him. I adjusted my comfort, pillow under knees, and set off into the meditation to give me the peace that “passeth understanding.” At the end of the meditation I went into a flying dream. Two hands are holding my hands. Those hands were nice, slim, firm and male hands. Then I was off flying as if plugged in. It is some years since I had a decent flying dream. I include in my meditation the invocation to be pulled out of myself into the Infinite, Cosmos, Oneness. That is were I felt I went through this “speed flying.” When it stopped I was back in my physical body in the bed with a big grin across my face to have been taken out on such a marvelous jaunt through the universe. Time and space were suspended in those moments. The best of roller coasters without any belts or machines and with two hands to hold my hands, keeping me in place, keeping me safe on the ride, giving me backbone. There was “no-body” attached to the beautiful hands. That they are the hands of the Divine, Spirit, Master, Self, God, Cosmos, Goddess is what I connected them to. I am so grateful, in a basket-full of energy way, today.

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And if you have ever been out there flying, and are having dreams and want to share in an effort to understand the totality of yourself, be sure to come and see me where we will use art and the dreams to draw, and to draw you into a unity within yourself, where you can be more in touch with the completeness of who you really are. It will take a little time, in my space and we both will have to have patience. “In patience possess ye, your souls.” I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.


Cooling off the knees in a Hymalayan River


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