The Leprechaun and Heart as light as a Feather

photo 5-142

Mariah went her way toward the local town Mota Grainne Oige. She felt the need to get away from the view of the hedge and start on a long walk. She decided to visit with a friend and rest for the night there. She dreamt she was far away in a strange country looking at the writing on the wall of a great tomb of a great king. She was able to interpret some of the detail of the dream. It was about the heart having to be weighed, on weighing scales, after death. The heart on one side of the scales and a feather on the other side and if the heart was as light as a feather, flying out into the stars would be easy, heaven was assured.  The writing on the wall with exact instruction on what to do to get back to heaven, to get the heart as light as a feather, became increasingly more difficult to read, and she ended up with little clue of the wisdom of that dream. Still she had something to go on and so when she woke up she resolved to look for the lightness of heart needed at the end of life. She had a little ways to go yet.

photo 5-144

On her journey again she could think for herself about what made her heart light as a feather. When a baby made a little noise to get her attention and a smile crossed the baby’s face, when she caught those sparkling baby blue eyes, she knew she felt as light as a feather. A Quiddler game with her sisters, in which she threatened to enlist the help of the other players to beat up one sister, made her as light as a feather, as they all screamed with laughter. The full super moon coming over the horizon and the night sky full of stars was also marvelous at making her feel light. Being in nature and outside lightened her up too. The ocean and its ions also made her full of delight. Listening to a child singing with a group, out of tune, but totally yelling out the song, irrespective of the notes, also make her heart light with laughter and delight. The background music supplied by the other singers added to the delight as they went on their merry way of creating a joyful noise, melding the in tune and out of tune together. The un-programmed making its way into the programmed brought joy and beauty. Seeing into the meaning of a dream, also made her heart light. Her plants made her happy too, especially when they bloomed in the winter.

Other possibilities to make the heart light involved prayer and meditation, trying to get a leg up onto a higher dimension. She often felt full of smiles after a significant sit in the middle of the night or at dawn. She asked the angel of the air to fill the heart chakra with the air of life to lighten her up. The angel of the water of life could wash out all the heavy stuff, cleaning out the Aegean stables of the heart with one flood of this water. And the angel of the sun could enter and fill the heart with fire to burn up all the rubbish laid in there, setting the heart on fire with passion and love, leaving nothing in there but a stream of golden honey sweet love for all that came her way. Surely there was an angel of light too that could blind her to all that make her heart heavy and give her that light that made the heart light. She resolved to be more silent in the silence so that she could find that way toward the right way, where the truth of this love light, lightness and life resided in her. What made her heart heavy would be gone.

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As she strolled toward the town she decided that when she went back home she would see what would make her heart light at home. Sometimes it was easy to be light in the heart in meeting the stranger or going on travel but she would have to see if making the heart light at home could be done, where no one knew all that goes on, not her mentors, or friends, where the intimacy of a combined life jostled their hearts loose and all that made the heart heavy and it might be found at their feet, and what made the heart light would be in their hearts.

photo 3-181

She got some supplies in town and then visited with the druid Bernie who was willing to talk about the lightness of heart for hours. He finished up out in his garden, his hands all covered with the black turfmould earth, in which he was planting tulips of many colors. He said that if people could only know, if families could only see that love was the only thing of importance in all the land, benefiting their children’s children. A big tear ran down his cheek. He gave her a big hug and bid her a warm good by for the road promising to visit her another time.

She sat on the banks of the river for a rest. She was trying to hear what the rocks were saying about writing on the walls and the gossip of the river on its way. The River said, “We are one. I take the rocks into me and the rocks said we give ourselves up, getting smaller and smaller so we can be dissolved and go into the great ocean in specks.”

photo 1-192

She thought she saw writing on the rocks and it said to take care to dissolve what is so hard and be less and less until she is more and more in the great River of Life. She had fallen asleep again and the writing was only in her dreams.

She felt the ending of the year coming around as she mulled over her dreams and her walkabout. Maybe someone would ramble into her house with a lovely story of other walkabouts and writing on walls and help explain everything to her. The sun was almost down now and the musicians would be getting ready to sing and play for the evening.

Maybe someone will sing a song about love and transport her into lightness. She looked forward to the evening. The end

When Rose got up today the snow was falling and three different things fell down, some plates, the shell on the fountain and something else. She thought it was a sign to get her writing finished about the writing on the wall. It fell into place and nothing else fell down.

photo 5-139

Sushi, a dog Rose got to know and love this Fall.

And if you are interested in that part of your psyche that gives you dreams, those perfect pearls that are yours alone, input from your very own unconscious,  then you can leave me a message.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. Those dreams are your writing on the wall waiting for you willing attention to something that is the answer to what ever it is you need next to pay attention to, so that your heart can be as light as a feather, when you go through the pearly gates. Look forward to seeing you soon. Love from Rose.







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