Dreams of deception and contamination

photo 5-138

I visited with my friend who has a two year old who is playing up on his ability to monopolize her time. I can be impatient, perhaps having a slight temper tantrum of my own, while looking on. I was released from this when I started to interact with the child, one on one, and loved when he jumped on my back or when I told him I would not let him go until he stopped walking through the cards we were playing.I came away feeling like I was given a great Christmas gift of laughter and connection.


My sisters are pictured here at my sister Celine’s wedding with my parents, maternal grandmother, and the groom, Michael Lennon and his sister Bridie Lennon. My sister Teresa Wells in England is missing from this picture.

I had two dreams. The first one has a lot of atmosphere and is easy to recall now. It is set within my family, with all my sisters mad at me because I have done something unwittingly, letting my old aunt get her medication and sell it. I feel frustration, as I am claiming innocence in the whole deal, and of course do not want to be held to account by the sisters. I did not know about this selling.

Possible Dream Sisters

The second one is a follow up dream that seems to be connected, as it occurred the next night and is equally vague and full of atmosphere. What I brought back from the unconscious is that I am in charge of someone, who has hidden a dead body in some sand, in an alcove, near a swimming pool. I am worried about contamination. I know that disturbing the dead body will add to the risk.

photo 2-153

Uncontaminated water in Riven River

I am in the process of asking why I have to deal with some pain. I am saying that it is Karmic in nature and am asking for understanding. It is hard to say thank you for the pain as it fluctuates between intense sciatic nerve pain and getting it to calm down completely. At its worst it has a piercing quality as it has now.


I say a prayer that the blood would get around the painful area and release me. At the same time I am using one hand as I read, to massage my leg, where the stiffness and pain resides the worst and when I finish, after about 20 minutes, I am released from the pain. I expect it to continue to bug me but for now the pain has reduced to a one or two. I want to understand what is involved here.

I consider the aunt is part of me. We share a birthday. Is she representing that part of me that unless I wake up and watch what she is doing with awareness, I will be caught off guard and doing something I would not want to be doing. I am under the influence of that in me that wants to do something underhand but I am not aware of this influence. It is not one that is good for me. Drug dealing in the psyche is equal to trying to avoid the pain without looking at it.

photo 2-160

The Dream Aunt

The second dream about the contamination is saying there is the potential for lots of really nasty emotions, as I try and let go of that which is contaminating me, my psyche. I have to be awake to stay in awareness as I go about my spiritual practices and go about my life. I could be on the verge of having a temper tantrum, much like the two year old above.


The devil takes a pound of flesh on the way out.

Contamination from the unconscious can affect us. In the process of releasing something from the psyche, in my case an old aunt part of myself, morphing into a dead body, and being affected by the releasing in the process. The saying I like is that the devil takes a pound of flesh on the way out.The pain will stay until I see fully what is causing it and then ask for forgiveness and then let it go. The reason we are slow to consider this letting go is that it is scary and easy to deceive ourselves with whispers from the shadows. Burying the dead in sand near the pool is not good. I could sit on the pain firmly until I have used a lot of medication to numb myself or do a lot of exercises to waste my time away or expect others to heal me. Physician heal thyself are my associations.


A coffin image from an earlier dream

I hope this is helpful to you as you consider all parts of the dream as parts of your own psyche. I know my next dream will tell me more as I have put some time into the above dreams. I regularly work with dreams and have been doing this since I was in my late teens over forty years ago. Each dream is a new event and brings fresh considerations as I am on my spiritual path. If you would like such help with your dreams and your path let me know. I am excited to do this work and know it benefits both of us in this time of the need to throw ourselves into more light. The light is all about just waiting to be claimed out of our shadows. Let those dream images jump on your back. Hold them tight until they yield up their secrets. Love from Rose.






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