Solstice and Advent

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It is Advent, a time of renewal and it is Solstice, a time of change. It is the time of the return of the light. It is the time of the birth of the new. Our sun lines up with its great central sun giving us a great connection to our light and heat source. Many make a practice of praying and meditating in this time as they feel there is great power in these connections bringing about personal change.

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Morning sun on the pine tree

I have always prayed. One of my first memories of prayer was of my father on the night before the cattle sale in Moate, Ireland. I knelt beneath my father, who was almost standing as he laid his knees against a soft armchair, his feet on the ground, his body facing the chair, the chair in the corner and with his brown beads in his roughened hands. We all joined in a “a decket of the rosary” devoted to his task of getting a good result when he brought some of his cattle to the mart. My mother initiated the prayers, and I, with a sincere love for him joined in, putting all my devotion into the asked for end of all his raising and nurturing of his cattle.

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A friendly cow

He loaded up his trailer with four or five animals, which always was a fretful event to a child looking on. He used a stick and loud shouts to coarse the animals into the small space. My mother would be there, gesturing and cajoling the animals. They knew my parents as they had fed them with warm milk from buckets, twice a day, when they were babies. My father visited them in the fields, watching their progress as they ate the green grass, growing itself and growing them, as he counted them daily.

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He built a special pen for loading the cattle into a trailer attached to his tractor. The ground was raised to meet the back of the trailer, which would be backed into this space. He would put some hay down to deceive them into thinking it was their usual shed they were entering. Slamming them in there was always a big relief. These lovely looking cattle were, hand raised, settled into their confinement quickly. Then he would be off on the road early, bouncing on the big wheels, to the Sales. He always came home from the sales, happy with his price and with a bag of toffee candy to divide among us.


My mother loved her farm

As a child I always prayed for my mother’s “Aunt Rosie and Uncle Pat” daily as they had died of TB. My mother had a list of those she prayed for and I now have my lists. After meditating, a time of silence, of contacting my source, I then surround with light those who are on my prayer list, who have asked for help. If they have not asked for prayer, then my intention is to light them up where they are and others will be able to notice them and bring them help, healing that they need. When my mother prayed for her grown son, who was ill in the hospital at the time, with no resolution in sight, she went into her church and I was beside her. I could hear her whispered pleadings. Her prayer was answered. The doctor was surprised at his complete recovery.

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I often put someone firmly in the light, put the light into them or surround then with the light, without taking responsibility for any outcome. If a person asks me for prayers I can send them directly the light from the third eye, the pituitary,  in the forehead. If that person is specific about what what they are dealing with then I can get on board, e.g. revising the book they are writing or resolution of something difficult in their lives. I often ask my chosen congregation to “lift up in the light” what it is I am concerned about. I feel they have a better way of doing this than me as I may be weighed down with my fears about the situation. I always felt helped in the wake of such requests.

Today at 11.30 am the sun is lined up with the earth and with its central sun and will start another tilt that starts us back toward the light of Spring and Summer. I was anxious today to be out for the rising sun and got out before eight o’clock. I wanted to feel for myself this lining up and these connections out into the vastness of time and space. As the sun splashed free of the house hiding it, it was a magnificent burst of light onto me as it became full round. In the silence I smiled and bathed in the fire of the sun on my front porch.

As I sat there listening to the sounds of the morning, the birds, the train, the clock striking eight, I was brought to the fact we are all suns in ourselves. Our chakras are our planets and we are affected by this central sun of ours in deep ways. Mentally it helps us with sleep, and healthy bones and with good moods. Inside our bodies are littler suns within our cells and on down, into smaller and smaller units. We are indeed in a great mystery garden, infinite and eternal.

The hawk sat in a tree waiting for the sun to come up also. Earlier I could see the sun glancing off his chest up there on the high branches. He chose to ignore the six crows making a threatening racket within feet of him. When I saw him spread his wings and fly away, he brought with him the rays of the sun, catching the underside of his body moving gracefully through the branches, and it was easy to see that he was using such energy to keep himself aloft and in charge of himself even in the midst of a murder of crows.

I hope you can feel affected by this changing of our tilt, and can feel the transformation, the new birth within. May you have a dream of the birth of a new baby, getting you into traveling mode for your own Bethlehem, where Angels sing to you and where you are bathed in a great light from such transformation. Be sure to sit in the vibration of that tilt and that light until you realize that you do have a part to play in tilting yourself solidly toward the light you carry in secret.

If you want to discuss such tilts and or dreams about them, then be sure to contact me, where I will be very happy to consider your dreams and your efforts toward becoming more full of light.

Happy traveling, Happy holidays, Happy Christmas.

Love from Rose.

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Rose enjoying the winter sunshine in Hill and Dale Park, in Harrisonburg.





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