Happy Christmas Greetings to my Readers.

photo 2-189

Gift From Peru

I like to work on some poems for my poetry group and have been playing with one below for a few weeks. I consider the first one as my Happy Christmas Poem inspired by Silent Night, and the second one below is connected to my meditation practice. I wish you the merriest and the most peaceful Christmas ever.

photo 1-207

In the midst of meditation during the night, I did some breathing exercise, sang some chants, focused on the caverns of the head, chest and pelvis and said prayers and focused on my list of people I have on my prayer list, sending them my version of light, love and healing.


In Guatemala 

At my church, this morning, I am concerned with singing an old hymn of my mother’s, the first line of which ran; “I will sing a hymn to Mary, the Mother of my God..” I did not sing it during the church quiet time as I might have, and almost forgot about it until one person spoke their message and reminded me of it. I sang the first verse in total. After I sat down I noticed lots of shivers went through my whole body changing my feelings and comfort levels. It felt good. There were some tears in my eyes.

2017-04-20 19.58.54

I was thinking about my comfort level with Mary and praying to her and where she would reside within. I remember there is two streams each side of the backbone and one is the feminine side called Ida. My church was heavy on the Our Father aspect of God but Mother Mary, while sang to and prayed to, was not as high. My mother of course had Mary firmly on top. She was the “Mother of God.” Mother and Father God represented as the caduceus, two that intertwine and meet on top, one balancing the other, having a place within.

photo 4-159

This is not a caduceus

The eastern folks have their “Mata Shakti” who is a mother of it all. And the Egyptians have Isis, and there are many more parallel streams for the creative side of the God.

As a woman I feel connected to Earthly Mother through breath and body and bones. I am asking her to protect and comfort me and I say I will not forsake her. Earthly Mother and Mary are interwoven for me.

photo 4-164

These little pink heart flowers never give up blooming this winter.

Many prayers can be found to the Mother. Prayers can be made up on the spot. On a more individual level, Mary is the one who agreed to be the carrier of the infant Jesus, who would die on the cross in front of her. He is also the one who would become the miracle worker. The collective Earthly Mother is the one who is putting the aliveness into everything from the grass to us.

photo 4-153

Mary’s life had thorns in it. 

So when I prayed to her this morning, “Oh teach me holy Mary, a loving song to sing, to love and praise thy name” I am addressing the mother of Jesus person. When I felt those shivers that shuck through me, I also got the image of being struck by the match of Shakti at the level of the heart chakra, and like a gas flame that runs around I could see the flame running around me at my heart level, and out into the arms. I thought of the biblical words relating to the golden girdle around the chest. It was something to come into that feeling that accompanied the lighting. I still have to deal with my life but am comforted by this happening.

I wrote a poem based loosly on Silent Night and a second one which is connected to my meditation practice. I wish you the happiest of holidays.

1. Silence quake

Until you are virgin

Shake into

Conception of

Love’s pure light



Radiance breaks

Through facade


light beams


Into your face



Sacred secret

Pure singing

Hosting the


In your heart



Come into the aloneness

Come into the stillness

Look into the blackness

Discern the disks flying

Discern indigo pillars


Blue white tracks

Up over the back

Hear sounds in the crown

Sage green

Insist on seeing

Insist on ripple

Insist on heart

round and nipple.

photo 3-154

Enjoying Mother Nature





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