At the Party

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At the Party a few days ago I had a great time with family and friends. There was some interesting questions, conversation about unsolvable problems, a little excitement when a dish blew up for little reason and of course the game of Quiddler at the end when some of us reverted into being two-year olds as we played and laughed at the words we accumulated.

A few of our party group attends a weekly mindfulness meditation group and one asked if meditation was enough? Was action not an essential part of, or follow-up to the act of meditation? Meditation for me is an action in and of itself. This stopping of everything into silence brings energy into me and into the world. Whether it is a shuddering throughout the body or as a sap rising into all parts of your body with an extended shiver, or something else, it feels like a good energetic thing to me. I of course need to live my life on a daily basis, nodding to the touchstone of meditation often, in my mind’s eye.

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The party goers. We all kept our clothes on.

Through my efforts at meditation I bring life into myself and by extension into my work, that would not be there without the meditation. My work is with dreams and counseling. I asked if the questioner above meditated daily. Vagueness followed. Others should become more active, the questioner said. Another explained that she went to a meeting of the town relating to development and she talked about all her rage against those developers that did not care about her city, nature or the people therein. The old wise trees and the clearing of all vegetation brought sadness and “the put up a parking lot” brought some laughter.

The questioner had great presence and I can only think she would do very well politically. She is projecting when she is complaining about others not getting involved. She has the power to be very effective when she gets involved, stopping some developer in his tracks it seems, earlier this year. She noted that some ninety year old woman, spoke her three minutes and that had its effect on the outcome which was positive for the citizens.

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Singing about the issues can be helpful

My reaction, after the fact was that the dark side wins when we are enraged. If we are enraged, we are not in love and in that place of bringing love into the world. Gandhi had an idea of being peaceful in protesting. The dark side is delighted if we are enraged and in fear of protesting. If we as a people pray and meditate and send out love and light and healing to others that will bring the change. Love your enemies is the christian injunction and “May you be well and happy” comes in through Buddah. Prayer groups got going in England to counteract Hitler. Asking for help through prayer helps me with a difficult situation, if only I pause long enough to ask for that help. We can appreciate the power of prayer by using it in our own lives. One of those gathered said the prayer “Let peace prevail on Earth and let it begin with me.”

Of course rage can get you motivated, then the spirit and mind working together can lead you into doing something that would never happen without that rage, righteous anger, getting things going. There has to be follow up to the rage. And out of the followup, a way of the Lord opening to bless the city, to save the city, to protect, to challenge comes through.

Before the meal we all gathered to pray and the big dish of food gave off a big shot like noise and the glass shattered into many pieces, going all over the floor. We had gathered near the table but were not hurt in any way. It was a mess. It happened as the cook of the dish invoked the ancestors. We wondered if it was connected. The prayers were stopped and we cleaned up. One person knew a college student who ate glass without any ill effects. The pie was delicious as I tried some of it at the end. Our host and cook lamented “if you only knew how much time and effort went into it.” I believed her. I told the above story at work and our office manager claimed that the same exact thing happened to her at Thanksgiving. Big noise, shattered dish, out of oven 20 minutes and the bag of turkey was fine in its bag. Our conversation at the table is mute about synchronicity, energy of ancestors, other good and or crazy energies, and so on.

When I was cooking my veggie dishes I invoked the Angel of Joy to fill the veggies with some joyful energy and I kept trying to discern how to cook and season the two dishes. I prepared them the night before, cleaning, topping and tailing, slicing and dicing. I went to bed knowing I would know how to deal with them in the morning. I looked up several recipe books, as I played a game the night before. When the timer went off the next morning someone accidentally turned off the oven. I was invited to be in a rage but I managed to check that off the possibilities as I had invoked the Angel of Joy, who would be so redundant, if I started a big argument. It can be the easiest and hardest thing to do in the moment.

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I got a dream from one of the attendee of the party about some ancient teeth needing to be shared with others. She associated it to “Wisdom Teeth.” She leaned back, stepped back and put up her arms as she considered what wisdom she might have to bring into her neck of the woods. When will we be ready to look for that wisdom within ourselves that will be so effective wherever we are led to apply it. “That yoke is easy, that burden is light.” The dreams stand ever at the ready and they get better especially when we enlist their help.

As we come to the end of this year and think of what we want in the new year, I hope to continue in art and with dream interpretation. And if you want to look at your projections onto others and retake the energy to yourself, be sure to consider some sessions with me in which we will invite your vast creative unconscious energy to play its game in your life.

May you have a Happy New Year as you let go of the old. May you start recording your dreams. May you keep and use an art kit often. May you meditate daily however few the minutes. May blessings fall out of heaven not room enough to receive on you. May the Angels flock around bringing you all the help you ever need.Love from Rose







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