My Mother’s Kundalini Experience

photo 5-189

I attended a Kundalini class last Monday. During the class, which was vigorous, we lay down and listened to a song devoted to the Mother of it all. I only remember one little fragment about the Mother and looking. I focused on those words because my mother, in describing her vision said the Virgin Mary looked at her and smiled at her. She said the feeling that came over her lasted a year or more and was never forgotten by her.

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In her eighties, she insisted I bring her back there, to the place of her vision, to have it happen again to her. I had just arrived from America, had attended a wedding and was ready to head for the midlands, to ignore her request. I was on American time; jet lagged and tired after the wedding. She finally got my attention when she said she would disinherit me if I did not bring her. Something about this desperation, caused me to change my mind and we went south, to get to her destination near a small church, to the west of Kinsale, in County Cork. It was a long journey, taking most of the day, after a late start, saying goodbye to family. It was evening when we got to her destination. She was not interested in the church or its statue of the Virgin Mary but instead she had us climb up through a field, onto a hill that was across from the church. The church was about two to three blocks away. It was the field in which pilgrims gathered. They were bussed in from the midlands. She traveled with many from her church. When she got there, on that hill, she was saying a rosary with others. It was then the vision happened.



photo 2-198

Morning Mandala

She told me of the vision when I was talking to her about my yoga practice. It was ten years after the fact but it was alive in her body and mind still. She said that “everything fell away.” There was a feeling of great movement around her and she said that the Virgin came to her and was alive. The Virgin’s head turned toward my mother, and she “smiled” at her. It lasted some time by her account. She told of the vision to her neighbor Sonny who said “Ah Mrs. Longworth, you must be raving.” She kept it secret after that.

photo 3-239

In her early nineties, I asked her again about this vision and she said “A house came down over me.” I asked her again and she repeated the phrase. The rest of the story was the same as above.

photo 5-175

The reason I retell this story, is that I finally recognized, last Monday, that my mother had a “Kundalini” experience. The “House coming down over me” and the feeling of movement, was the rising of the Kundalini energy. It is connected to a raising of energy along the back bone and showing itself to her as the Virgin Mother of her Catholic traditions.

photo 5-140

The fact it was a visceral feeling that stayed with her for a whole year afterwards, is also evidence of its strength, something inner, staying with her. The house with the lighted Virgin was a projection of her Kundalini energy, that nine feet of light, that can open out around the person having a Kundalini experience, a vision of the Virgin Mary, both of which are descriptions of the light making itself known to those who are in the right place at the right time, in an open and sincere frame of mind. It is a marvelous gift of religious experience, sought by many and given to a few.

Within my mother’s religious practice, it was natural that her Kundalini experience would be clothed in the smiling countenance of the Virgin Mary. Also the movement of the light beside and around her, as a house, was an expression of the rising of the Kundalini. Her catholic tradition may speak of visions of Mary but does not include the words for the movement of energy, often described as a snake, along the backbone, bringing this feeling of religious experience to her. All her prayers sent up came down to envelope her in light and love and healing, from the censor that she created with her devotion, her concentration and her sincerity.


On that hill, I gathered some berries ripe in the hedges there. She sat on the grass and I joined her. She tried to reconnect with her earlier vision. She realized that that was then and there was no repeat performance, on demand, on that mild evening, the sun still high in the Irish sky in the evening. We were close to Kinsale and we set off for lodging for the night.

photo 3-238

She may have been disappointed but the trip also brought its own understanding to her, and the Virgin Mary remained her port of prayer on a daily basis and in all times of need. We stayed a day of two in Kinsale, walking around the old Fort outside the town, eating seafood in the square, and lying out on the rocks in an alcove by the Irish Sea. She fell fast asleep with two rocks under her head, and waking up, still able to turn over, get up and walk away, totally enjoying her days away from home.


I intend to dig in the garden and plant some bulbs in the earth, from the tulips that were gifted me for my Birthday and Valentine’s Day.

photo 2-243

A pencil drawing of the gifter of the tulips to me, completed by Margot Bergman, some thirty years ago. 

The tulips were very beautiful and I hope they survive another day to show their faces next spring, that the Mother of us All preserves them in the ground and enlivens them in her secret, mysterious and eternal ways.


I am also digging around in the unconscious. I had a dream of a dark mysterious water space. I could see a rock like structure down there but after diving I still did not touch it although I came near to it. It looked white but was less than white as it was in the water for a long time. Maybe I can unearth some secrets from this place. Maybe there are gifts from the mother of us all in there. I will keep dreaming with eyes wide open for such gifts and bring the dormant into the light of consciousness.


And if you want to work on your dreams and see how they are connected to the Mother of us All, then be sure to come and relay a dream to me. We can dig around and find some fine red tulips ready to spring up giving you joy and delight. May your life be filled with all that is conducive to bringing light and life to our selves, others and our beautiful little blue planet. Love from Rose.

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3 Responses to My Mother’s Kundalini Experience

  1. Siri Amrita says:

    Wonderful, Santa Rosa. Thank you for sharing this with me before you left class, and now expanding on it so beautifully. And I love your illustrations here. All love to Mama, now entirely in the Arms of Mary. 💙SiriAmrita Kaur

  2. As part of my decade-long experience with kundalini, I have had a number of what I would call ecstatic experiences with forces expressed in archetypal ways, those aspects that are in each of us in some way and often get projected into higher dimensions and through the world of our dream-space or vision space. One of them for me involves the feminine aspect, the goddess, and what is so interesting is that it is very much as your Mother described it. I have felt quite clearly a sense of a dome-like or bell-like form coming down around me, holding me in a very definite sense of internal space. It might be the size of a room, it can expand to the size of a house. It feels like it can be any size, really, and oftentimes is. Not so with the masculine aspect. One takes in, another radiates out, so each are experienced quite differently. In fact, in one such experience I could feel the feminine aspect telling me that this bell like form, this universal womb, could take all of my bad feelings and that I just need only let go of them and they would be transformed by the feminine. it felt like extracting snake venom from an old snake bite….and it would just pull it out of me, and this large form surrounding me the whole time. Its how she does this kind of spiritual alchemy anyway, this transformation or transmutation. Anyway, I liked your accounting and your Mother’s experience. Too strong to be shared with the neighbors unfortunately…

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