Little Irish Woman Demanding Dreams

photo 5-184

She went to the market and is being referred to as the little Irish woman who asks for dreams. The dream she got this morning was described as a nightmare. The dreamer had bought a new house beside the mall and lots of people were using her house as a way into the mall. She kept saying this is private property.

photo 3-234


Rose did a quick interpretation, and the dreamer agreed. Then Rose took the trouble to say the dreamer could increase the time she is spending praying, maybe do some yoga exercises and bring in mantra and singing. Surely this would help her close her house to such ignorant strangers.  Something was said about the dreamer being a perfectionist when she practices some yoga, finding it hard to concentrate on breathing as she tried to bend in perfect ways. They both got to laugh a lot about that. The photos she takes and the cards she displays are full of that perfection and it is a pleasure to stand at her stall. Perfection comes in handy sometimes. Her dream satisfied the demand for a dream. Her dream made the visit to the market fun.

photo 5-186

My first daffodil this spring at Rose’s house. 

Rose also found a large plastic green box in her basement full of mandalas yesterday that she drew about thirty years ago. The mandalas were drawn in 1990, the February before her last child was born. They were interpreted by her then mentor and had been written up in long hand. It was windy outside when she located them in the basement and brought then outside to look into them. It was not easy to line them up, as some were dated and some were numbered. She was mulling over the question of church affiliation even then and was questioning if there was any interest in the general population about the true spiritual possibilities of a way into the eternal and infinite, in this mystery garden she found all around her.

photo 4-212

Rose’s violets are responding to the sun’s reappearance in the eastern window again.

Some note from Rose’s musings this morning are as follows: The center of the earth is a great rotating ball of iron, magnetic movement.

photo 1-258

The core.

Its force spins out to the surface of the earth, streams of life, heat and water. Our babies are born with this warmth, with this water and into this air. There is pumping, and flowing and flying.

photo 1-254

Recent doodle

Now Rose is no longer that baby, cooled down, slowed down and scaled down.The dance party for Jenny Pearl, where she danced with the belly dancer,  almost killed her. This morning found her sitting in meditation to descale herself. Praying to the angel of the morning to not let her walk away today. Watching until she has waited enough, with her lamp lit, until the Watcher of it all is watching her. And such attention causes the lame to walk, the blind to see and the deaf to hear, with the feet of spirit, the eyes of spirit and the ears of spirit.


Some one left a drawing on her porch all propped up for her to see, with no name on it. She is sure there is an explanation but does not have one yet. She wobbled around wondering who left it there but overall is satisfied that she is meant to consider it for some reason.

photo 1-255

The drawing left on Rose’s porch.

Spring is in the air, pushing up the grass with that magnetic force from deep inside the earth and pulling it up with the moon and the sun. Rose is enjoying the intensely blue-sky today, and the spring flowers. The dandelion greens are available in the local market and some are poking up their green leaves in the park.

Rose had a dream of her father’s coat leaning on her and feeling like it’s weight is killing her. Then the coat is her partner’s coat. It was easy to land a projection on him relating to the coat but the dream made more sense when she realized that her moods and attitudes are often less than loving and that is what leans on her heavily and makes her feel so under a heavy weight. Adopting her father’s opinions and moods are sometimes less then helpful to her. She is praying that all of her feelings be filled with love.

photo 2-1

The coat is a representation of her own attitudes and moods.

Her partner met some people who live in the town known for meditation. Rose did not meet them but each day after he spent time with them she felt more in love with her partner. She wonders if that meditation/love thing is catching. She hopes it is.

photo 3-1

Another dream image – don’t ask.

She read that concentration is putting units of energy onto something. She used this image of the units of energy to help her focus in her brain, in meditation, in the place of the pineal and pituitary, to say she is serious about this connection into love. She thinks it may be helping her, to be a watcher, and to ask for the Watcher of it all to watch her, until a crashing, a splitting open can happen to take that flow into all of her body, from its home in the mountain, into all the deep valleys of her body, even unto her little toes. Maybe the electromagnetics from deep in the earth can join in and bring life and heat from below, into her aging limbs. She prays to be one with Earthly Mother as well as Heavenly Father and to be in love with those she finds herself joined with in general and in particular.

photo 2-238

Indoor tulips letting go.

And if you want to work on some old heavy coat dream or other images, I will be glad to work with you. Perhaps you have a recurring dream of never getting to the place that you love the most, then you can work with me to see how you are blocking yourself with attitude, or mood and never get to that lovely place in yourself. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.



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