Mariah and the Goddess Energy

photo 4-219

Uishneach had gone off wandering again. He had not found any big stash of gold on his travels or found out how to turn lead into gold despite his best efforts. He went fourth with the new lamps he had made and shoes and knew he would get some gold for them. Mariah suspected he had a lot more gold stashed but was lazy to go looking for it and felt it beneath her. Besides she had received some gold from her mother’s family and felt rich in her own right, with goblets made of gold that she loved dearly.

photo 3-239

Uishneach’s new aim was to bring inner and outer light to others. Selling lamps and shoes and conversations would be helpful with this. He also thought that shoes stood for what you stand on and as such he was angling to bring understanding to those he sold his shoes to. In long conversations to while away long nights by the open blazing turf fires, and in singing old ballads, he hoped to impart old knowledge to others who had their ears open.

photo 2-242

These travels brought him some good conversation about how the Leprecauns were once tall people but also known to be carriers of the light. Their people were no longer recognized as such and had to go underground, willed by their conquerors to be small. He had some worry that his tribe would eventually be invisible. But being invisible would not be all bad, especially when he found his pots of gold beneath some rainbow, someday.

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Before he set off Mariah wanted to make sure he was all packaged out right and she cooked a great meal for him the day before, and made a prayer wheel cake that he could bring with him in case he was hungry. She thought she would try and do what the Druid Bernie was advocating and bring love into all her feelings for him. She felt around in her heart for that pearl and tried to expand it into love for him. She enjoined the Mother of all Lovemaking to be with her, to fill her bosom with a state of love and passion for him and see how that would affect everything. Mariah was very satisfied with how this made her feel. He did not notice much, preoccupied as he was with the details of his next trip. He was gone early before the sun was up.

photo 5-189

The next day surprised her greatly as three gifts arrived at her door in a matter of some hours. . A pair of her best gloves she had lost on the lane between the big hedges, were left at her door. Then she was given a little nettle tincture from a friend appreciative of her attention to some dreams her friend had shared with her. The final gift was a small pot of honey topped up with the lavender flowers. The latter came with a note, which she was not sure how to respond to, but she was very sure about how to respond to the lavender honey gift. She really appreciated all three but especially the pale green nettle drops and the marvelous tea that the lavender honey made. She felt the Mother of All had a hand in these gifts that came to her.

photo 5-140

After he was gone she had less to do and went visiting with her many leprechaun friends. She often liked to paint as they talked but one little dwarf was not happy and poked her in the side to have her better listen to the conversations. The goddess energy deserted Mariah and she could easily have let herself down with a mouthful of nasty words. Luckily the dwarf was a bit deaf, and in the repetition of her words she changed them greatly and said , “Did she not know that painting and doodling increased attention?”

Mariah wondered why she got in such a temper and remembered her mother would often poke her in the side in an effort to get more details, more connected with her. Mariah overall did not like this gesture and felt it leeched her energy away to her mother in a stealing way. She felt it ruined her painting making it black and red in spots.

photo 2-244

She closed her paints and had a hard time letting go of the whole interaction.

photo 1-254

That night she heard noises in her house and decided to meditate to let go of her own inherited mark from her mother, and to let go of what ever she had absorbed from the dwarf. It felt like a click clank in her shoulder somehow. She kept listening for it to fall out of her onto the floor. She felt much better in the morning that but was grouchy ash she slept not enough that night.

She hardly could wake up next morning but the lavender tea was helpful. She spent most of the day outside, knowing that being outside would surely lengthen her life. The temperatures were climbing up in the sunshine, and her feet warmed up as she sat around contemplating the best use of her time. She was learning to slow down enough to consider how the goddess would care for her if she had a chance. The end.

photo 3-240

Rose had to go to a training to keep her continuing education units up for Licensure. She always struggled to feel that trainings are a good use of her time. She liked the talk by the Peer Support person and the Western State person. She did yoga on the floor at the back, painted a little, did some crochet and felt she heard everything plain and clear in spite of her activities. It is her compromise and she felt a little red hattish in going her own way in this. There was a big crowd there and not one of them got off their chairs for most of the seven hours. She did meet with two of her old bosses and they both hugged her warmly.

And if you have a dream to tell, a temper that blindsided you, or a story of gifts from the Goddess that came in threes to your door, then be sure to find me and we can work to see what is coming your way. Gifts from the unconscious are always a surprise and we can work on how to transform the energy in yourself, so that your heart is expanding in all aspects of your life, in your lovemaking, in your friendships, in your work and in your play.

I love to work with dreams and hope you will come soon and start this other journey, the road less travelled, and find your own home within, warm and comfortable to you and others. Love from Rose.






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