Truth is My Identity

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Lenten Rose

“Truth is my identity.” It is part of the prayers I sometimes sing. I have to admit that I am more like the woman who has an Ass’s head (no insult to the lovely ass) that has blinker’s on and cannot see the whole truth of where the path lies, where truth lies. I know it is there somewhere, if my upbringing, my ego, my shadow, religion and patriarchy etc. would only let me take off the blinkers. If I jump often enough into meditation, maybe I will land a little closer to truth and have the sense to close my eyes more often and be pulled into that path that is pleased when poured around

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I read a lot and look for answers there. I usually do not reference books, as I want to write out of my own experience. If a book has words that describe my experience the better, I have them steer me closer to the path I feel is there somewhere all around me. I am usually more pleased when I stop reading and give the time to breathing and meditation. My meditation practice includes attention to breathing and to this body and bones, that the breath permeates in the most mysterious and marvelous way. I feel closer to truth that way.


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Entrance to another kind of path at the Arboretum.

Other words for “Virgin Mary,” are “Mother Mary, Our Lady.” Shakti is another, Black Madonna, Sophia, Wisdom, Queen of Heaven, Star of the Sea, Comforter of the Afflicted, Refuge of sinners, etc. My mother enumerated the latter four names, as part of the litany of forty plus names she tacked onto the end of her rosary on a daily basis. And when she called on Jesus, it was through Mary, his Mother. Mary was her leader, to bring her toward God. My mother was one of those little women.

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Daffodils at the Arboretum pushed up, complement of the Earthly Mother.


The Black Madonna is found in many places over Europe and can be found in the grottos of cathedrals where many venerate her. Outside Paris, in the Chartres Cathedral, there is a Black Madonna called Our Lady Under the Earth. This statue replaces a much older one, found in the older Gallo Roman Sanctuary, located on the same site. Legend says the Druidic Priests there venerated here at Chartres, way before the Christian era.

photo 1-214

My version of the Black Madonna

And then there is the statue of Mary Magdalene in The Cathedra of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem where she looks out in beauty, holding an egg. Legend says she changed an ordinary egg into this wonderful red egg. She had just met Pontius Pilot, on Easter Morning and told him Jesus was risen. Pilate said, “prove it” and she picked an egg from the basket of a woman going by and changed it in front of Pilot, into a beautiful red egg.

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She reminds me that there is the need to bring love and passion into relationship. She is another aspect of the Divine Feminine and sits on top of a much earlier time when the feminine was given her rightful place as bringer of the feeling of love, passion, and creation into all aspect of life. Her love and passion enriches the lives of those engaged with love. As one of my old mentor said, it is something more than “the good sex” The energy much reach up into the heart and go out as the milk of human love and kindness, bringing sparks from the heart, enlivening our bodies, hearts and minds.

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The hearts and minds of the ancestors were given strict messages about love. Mother could be a little harsh on us as children and on herself when we were all much younger, relating to these matters. Removing these blinkers is not that easy.

My mother went through her church’s version of Mary, to be in touch with the Mother. Her devotion and concentration in that direction brought her closer to that divine feminine energy, within her own backbone. She said that when she said the rosary to “Our Lady” on the avenue, her mood and spirit would change completely and she lamented that she would sometimes forget what she was doing and not complete the whole rosary. The Rosary lasts about fifteen minutes with her array of litany and tack on prayers for a happy death. I found a red rosary beads in her blue coat after going through the pockets after her death. I am pleased to have it.

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If you have a dream of the Black Madonna or a White Madonna be sure to bring it my way. I am always interested in considering the wholeness of the feminine possibility within us, which will have a great effect on our bodies, our psyche and the areas around us. Her archetype is firmly imbedded in us, if a little repressed, if a little held back by those blinkers. May you too take the jump and land on the wholeness that is possible for yourself. May you consider jumping into your dreams and pull them safely from the unconscious and into the basket of the Madonna, where all things are possible, all things amplified, all symbols having their place in you. They will talk to you if you give them a little time and concentration and encouragement. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.


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