A Basket Full of Sweetness

I woke up to a basket of snow this morning, beautiful and sweet to look at. I also have a cold, and I am carrying a little basket of something else, which is causing coughing. I feel energetic after a meditation with my candle and incense and after a large mug of tea laced with ginger and turmeric and honey. I am trying to cut down on the honey but having a cold, seemed to give me permission to increase the sweetness; maybe it would heal me somehow.

photo 2-260

Candle and incense at the base of the candle.

Someone came in my dream to make sure I am ok and I am. I may even be healthy, just getting rid of some dross in my system and this is one way to do it. I was not careful of my food intake at the weekend so I blame myself for letting the cold rip. However the immune system will benefit from a little challenge, getting stronger after a cold.

photo 4-232

Snow on the hedge

Other dreams include visiting a healer, who took the calf of my leg in his hands and manipulated the bone against the muscles. The next day I had no pain. At the Kundalini Yoga class on Monday night Seri Amrita, teacher, spoke of some illness as karmic. We can be totally healthy and yet have something to deal with. I read of this concept another place as well. I have been dealing with pain issues for some years. I manage it well enough sometimes and very well most of the time. When I do my work with dreams, this lack of attention to myself seems to take me totally away from any pain, and it falls out of awareness and into its own sweetness.

189-Final 1600 Purnima Siri Amrita-464.jpg

Rose front and center at the oil shop in Benares, India. I got seven oils and one free one. They were all lovely.

I read some of the Patangali teachings late last night when I could not stop coughing. I found some of my best remedies and partook of them, which included a camphor rub. I was looking for a particular oil I got in India but in the half dark, I mistook the smell and put musk oil on my chest and throat. Then I found the one I wanted; mint, thyme and a eucalyptus mix. Both settled on like a balm and I was soon reading and praying and off to sweet sleep after that.

I paid attention to Patangali’s injunctions this morning, to pay attention to the naval, and it will help me be in contact with the body, pay attention to the heart chakra and that will help me mentally and finally pay attention to the head space and above and that will get me in contact with saints and masters who have mastered this art of meditation to bring them into a higher dimension.

photo 4-231

The branches of the Catalpa Tree covered in snow.

I did deep breathing, with one deep breath of attention for each of the three areas. I achieved some concentration and some illumination. The illumination is that stopping the thoughts is a great idea, and I achieved this through the simple act of paying attention to the breath and focusing on the three different areas. At the end I prayed for you all and did indeed feel blessed and could send out blessing after this effort. I did not want to stop but I sang my ending prayer of “The Lord is my Shepherd” as a way to close it all down and as a protection prayer. Sometimes I also sing, “May the Long Time Sun” prayer as well or instead of.

photo 1-280

The other Catalpa tree in the front yard.

Saturday I had a game evening with my friends and their almost three-year-old boys, who were rowdy and not quiet terrible yet. We managed to play two games in total and enjoy the whole affair. That night I dreamed of one of the boys. He was a little bigger in my dream and he pulled out a chair for me at my breakfast table and said the words “Welcome.” There was nothing on the table, unlike how it usually is with salt etc. and plants taking up about a third of it.

photo 5-201

The view of the snow from inside my office.

I found myself singing about this welcome on Sunday Morning. I was reminded of my daughter’s song, some of the words of which are “Here in the garden, the garden of Eden, you are welcome here. … Lay your burden down, at the foot of the table now.” She composed it in France, and sang it in Germany at a concert. Her consort at the time was Maxime Nardini, who accompanies her beautifully. She has an on line presence.

photo 2-261

The CD I have is replaced and available.

My version of the song included the word above and went on into bringing your burdens from the north, south, east and west and laying them down. Those directions our minds take us will not be too helpful when you want to move up or down in yourself. The next part of the song was about getting into the center, where the lighted rod and staff, will comfort you, as it lights up through your back bone and higher. Then the burdens are truly laid down. I felt marvelous after that singing, where my eyes watered up, which I noticed after the fact.

photo 2-258

Monday was a great lighthearted day for me too. I feel the dream word, “Welcome” became an integral part of my Sunday meditation and the dream shows me that when I sit to write that I do not need to bring anything to it except that sitting, the centering. This centering will come and get better in time and the toddler is showing me and I am “Welcome” to the help I am being given through the centering, through the dreams, a sweet awareness.

photo 1-283

The sweetness of this work can be yours too, as you look into those dreams and record them. I am very happy to work with you when you are ready, setting out a table with paper for mandala drawings, drawing materials and the sweet spot, a basket to let the dream fall out, to be held and to be opened into the sweetness it has to offer you from your own unconscious.   I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.





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