Mariah and Her Heart

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Uisneach has a cold

Uishneach has gotten the cold and when he got up in the night because of the coughing, Mariah became awake, a little convinced it was morning. She was appalled to see it was only after 2 am. And there were noises coming toward her ears making her feel scraped. She informed him he should be in bed and not sitting up at that time, because he was sick. “But I have to sit up. I cannot stop coughing.”

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Mariah is a little beliggerant

He gave up in the face of her belligerence and went back to bed coughing. He vehemently refused any of her lotions or potions that she had found helpful in getting her through the cold. There was an edge to his voice, which prevented her from proceeding with rubbing a camphor substance onto his feet to draw the cold away from his head.

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She decided to use them on herself as she was quiet excited and feeling frayed with this turn of events. Then there was a profound silence. He was asleep. As all was quiet she went back to her nighttime rituals and told herself to calm down.  As Druid Bernie tells her, “Are you in charge of anyone else?” “Can you fix others?”

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In the silence, Mariah has to consider her belligerence factor, and its effect on poor Uishneach. It is an unpleasant thing to be confronted in the middle of the night when not feeling well, when moods are low. She always feels right and justified in her opinions, especially in her opinion that Uisneach is hers to control. Other thoughts she had were “How dare he get sick and disturb my sleep. How dare he make noises, how dare he remind me of the uncontrollable in life and sickness” and on and on in a litany woven of fear and the desire to control and a desire to ignore what needs a little control in herself.

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Out of control

Uishneach, on his part, was reacting to an intuitive feeling he has to sit up to stop his cough. She was prepared to be as unpleasant as it took to get her way, if not completely.


Next morning there were spring flowers about

Next morning, when the Druid Bernie asked after the health of them both, she went over the sickness in the house and ended with telling him of her belligerence. She told him that she just wanted to cure Uisneach. He was not impressed and said that he would get better much quicker if he did not run into the cloud of her belligerence.

photo 5-199

The low wall

But what should I have done, she wailed?“I cannot answer that for you” He said.They were both sitting on a low wall, beautiful, and warm from the sunshine. Druid Bernie said “Do you see that cat that just came toward us and lay down and rooled over. He showed his underside, he trusted us. Well you have to do the same, to lay yourself down and offer love.”

photo 5-204

Well how do I do that she said, as she got off the wall and put her feet up to the wall. “I just wanted him to be better”she whined.

He replied “You have to fill all your feelings with love first and the best way to do that is to sit in meditation and reference your heart, access the channel between the mind and the heart. Close down your own thoughts and let that beautiful golden cup in the brain turn over and pour down that honey into your heart. That is how you turn over. Once you reference that, what you do does not matter. If you do not reference that, what you do does not matter.”

photo 2-265

That seemed like a lot to digest.

Are you meditating,” he asked. “Sometimes” she said. “Let us do it now” and they did.She dropped into a beautiful blue space, royal and while she had a problem stopping her thoughts, she had some success. She forgot her black and white poncho at the music session on the other side of the hill, where leprechauns remembered old songs imprinted on them in the long ago.


The lost poncho

Mariah spent a portion of her meditation time figuring out how to get the poncho back. Maybe the dwarves would bring it back for her. She managed to stay inside connecting with her heart and her head after that and she had some semblance of the feeling of love in her heart by the time she was finished. She opened her eyes and the druid has slipped away. She felt full of smiles and went to prepare some soup with love for Uisneach. The end.

photo 5-203

Flowers of the Fountain in Rose’s office

On Holy Saturday morning, the exercise crew(Qi Gong) came to Rose’s house after 7.45am And because there was “ice on the windshield,” their arrival was delayed. Rose did not notice as she had just hit the floor and her eyes wanted to stay closed. She unclocked the door and put on the radiant dish heater and knew it would be appreciated. All three of them did Qi Gong and it gradually lifted the eyes, the energy and the mood. Rose is paying more attention to the breath while doing this. The green of spring was mentioned at the end.

The fearless leader, Elizabeth, asked to use the facilities, due to “too much mojo.” Rose hastily checked it and gave the all clear. When Elizabeth returned she said “I see you have been letting leprechauns use your facilities.” Rose nervously inquired what she meant and she said, “I saw a leprechaun’s hat, green and shiny, half under the radiator in the bathroom.” Rose said she had no idea how it got there.

photo 4-238

The Leprechaun Hat

And if you are having dreams about a great black horse, bowing to you and inviting you to ride away bareback, or a dream of been given three black stones, or of driving your car over a very tenuous bridge, do let me know. Dreams have a way of giving you gifts and/or of cautioning you, as you race forward, without taking the time to see what the unconscious, the underneath has to say to you. (I dreamed myself of bribes and wads of money and of hiding and exams.) It is my delight to make those distinctions with you. Love from Rose.











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