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Mariah and Her Heart

Uishneach has gotten the cold and when he got up in the night because of the coughing, Mariah became awake, a little convinced it was morning. She was appalled to see it was only after 2 am. And there were … Continue reading

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Mariah, the Leprechaun walks among the Druidic Ruins.

Mariah and Uishneach were stirring in the morning. She knew Uishneach was finishing up breakfast, as he was absentmindedly scraping the pot for the past five minutes. Surely he hated the pot, she thought. She would have to check it … Continue reading

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Mandala Assessment Research Instrument – MARI

    I just came back from my final training in Cleveland Ohio for MARI Card readings. The Cards are a psychoanalytic tool to assess where a person is on the round of life, and the strength and the challenges … Continue reading

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