Mariah and the Bee Dance


She was sitting outside in the sun wondering if Uishneach would be back this evening. She heard the crows cawing and sometimes this might be an indication of his meandering back toward the house.

photo 2-253

Ten days ago, she has gotten a bad cold after he left on his walkabout and she was in the worst of twist coping on her own. She kept thinking it was going away, until the next day when there was a new layer added in of suffering, progressing from a little sneezing to fevers, shivers to not eating, various drainages, which cess pooled in places with little outlets, to the point her little nose was raw and her lips and lungs were rattled and dry. As the sinus headache got worse she wondered if she had a brain hemmorage while listening to the pounding between her ears.

photo 2-251

She had a cold

Eventually she got some good sleep. She had lots of time for meditation and tackled it in earnest on the seventh night of the cold. The breathing helped clearing up her sinuses when she lay on her stomach. She found concentrating much better. She had a brief feeling of being completely filled with roses, all the way out her mouth and in her chest, even to top of her head. She sang some of her favorite songs three times knowing that the sounds would help change the vibrations within and get her more deeply plugged in, even if the sounds were a little croaky.

photo 2-135

After the raucous noise created by the crows, she decided to walk out to see what was delaying him as she felt full sure he was within earshot for her to feel some presence of him. And there he was standing talking to a group of elves, with blonde hair and beautiful ice blue eyes, who were watching his every step. He had laid some sticks down in some patterns and he had taken to jumping among the sticks in order to show them where he felt sure gold was to be found. Mariah had not learned this bee language but obviously the eleves had and were concentrating and copying in his footsteps. There was a big green frog nearby, watching from the safe distance of a moss covered rocks.

photo 1-9

She retreated; She was not going to get into this game of his and hoped he would be home soon. When he showed up an hour and a half later, he limped through barely noticing the lovely fire blazing and said he was exhausted after his travels and headed straight for the bed. She knew she would soon be listening to snoring and she would be wide awake. She decided to leave him alone and to enjoy the lovely fire.

photo 2-216

Mariah enjoying the fire.

As she sat there she saw the green frog again sitting calm and collected within the fire.  She sat forward in her chair thinking she would address him, ask him if he had some message, what was his name, why he appeared with Uisneach’s return.? As she formulated her questions the frog became less visible. So she decided to be totally quiet.

photo 5-199

As she lay back into her comfortable chair, the bee dance steps came back to her and soon she was dancing with the frog in a beautiful bright glow. A jump in the air here, a sidestep there and both in lovely unison, at one with each other. She was young again and in love.Rose petals came out of their feet and they were dancing on those yellow tinted petals with the rose blush, which filled the air with an aroma of roses.


He pulled out a chair for her and said “Welcome”.” She was served some beautiful food by an old crone and Mariah’s father had come back to life and was nearby. The dish was very sweet and rich, highly smooth, something of the smoothness of the roses.

photo 1-152

Painting the roses pink

She awoke with some tears on her face, to the fire that had burned to ashes, and she stiffly got up and went to bed. Uisneach had turned her bed into what looked like a pile of snakes in the half dark and she had to keep her temper not to turn his night into a hot tin roof right there. She slid into the covers and was soon fast asleep, in the heat of the nest. The end.

photo 2-263

Recent Mandala

Rose is on her porch. You may or may not have read of the crash that was here a few weeks ago that coincided with a dream of a crash she had. Well, this morning the police pulled over a young man right behind the hedge. He did not pass the sobriety test, which involved a lot of steps, and counting, which Rose half observed through the hedge. It was another kind of bee dance that resulted in the car being towed and a young man sanctioned. She felt a lot of empathy for everyone involved.


And if you want to nail down your own dream dance, be sure to let me know and we can work with this underneath stuff that makes its way into our lives through the dreams, and has a humorous way of linking up with outer reality. I am smiling here as I finish up, as I had no idea what might fall out this morning into this basket. I hope to hear from you soon, when the time is right for you. Love from Rose.






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