Anger Management Part 5 – The unexamined and examined life.

photo 2-269

I just came back from a great visit to New York and New Jersey. Most of the images here are taken in the underground between Amtrak and the Subway. Other images are from the City and the Beaches in New Jersey.

I have written about Anger Management. It has always been an interest of mine. Anger plays a part in most of our lives, for good and for ill. Be angry and sin not is the biblical injunction. I have been doing Anger Management for some years now and find myself working in this field again with plenty of delight and with beautiful souls. After the dreadded thirteen sessions are over, I have a certain love for them and their first names and their souls. The flowing poem comes out of this work. I have inserted some class words, some dream images from my own dreams and from half heard dreams(I was late to here the dream in completeness) at my dream group.

photo 3-268

The two dream images I am working was are of taking the bribe, keeping it secret and of hearing some strange word from an indistinct woman who is sitting in green clothing in the half light. I do not hear her words and she refuses to repeat them. I come to the conclusion that I have to reach out into what she is saying and make some other decisions for myself. These are the poems.

photo 1-296

Rules of Anger Management

1 – Unexamined

You have no power over

You cannot fix anyone else


photo 1-295

Even if she throws things at you.

Even is he steals your fifteen year old son

Even if she gets the police involved

Evan if her sister does

Even if he blocks your way

Even if she tell everyone how awful you are

Because you were the one to intercept the projectile

Because he fell over blocking you


Slapping faces

Pushing down

Squeezing jowls

Flicking filth from behind

Fixes nothing

photo 3-265

The unexamined life

The best one among them all

Was never any good

photo 5-208

Are you taking the bribe

To not examine

To not let others see

To insist others agree

With your un-examined life.

photo 1-293

Examined – 11

Letters  from your childhood

What rules from where

Were written into you

Boxing you in here

Scraping you down there

Forcing you out of center

photo 3-264

Find those little words

Find that letters of their love

Dismantle it slowly

Find pieces

Treasure of great price

Those little gems

Flecks of shiny red and gold

Flecks of the greater green

All part of you, their obscene

Your unseen.

photo 2-270

1 plus 11 equals 111

Un-examined and Examined

photo 3-266

A new dream


To pull from the shelves

The rules

Bent out of shape

Fallen down behind

Under the old dead


The left overs

Don’t be afraid to examine

To lie down and

Turn over what is underneath

Your own stones

Your own stories

photo 4-243

11 and 111 equals V

The Goddess speaks in color

Refuses to repeat words

As she scatters  indigo

Violet and blue

To you

To dance

In your finding out

There is only the dance

The dance of finding you


Love from Rose











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