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Rose heard a lovely story from a grandmother. Donna agreed to watch the eighteen-month-old toddler when his sister was due to be born. Donna’s son and his family came at 4.00 am to her house so she could do her little duty of caring for the toddler as the baby was born at the hospital. But the second baby’s birth would not be stopped in daughter in law, and so the baby was born at Donna’s house.




Donna minded the toddler through it all. Whenever the baby cried, the toddler would wake and ask to see the baby. She would oblige the little one and go see the baby. This happened many times as the night went into morning. Grandmother was tired but she did her duties. Then as the day went on she decided to have the toddler connect with the new born by propping him up. She put her arms around the toddler and baby, as the toddler held the newborn baby.

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Levy’s Bloodroot

When the baby was laid into his little brother’s arms, the newborn baby gave a deep sigh of contentment, noticeable to all present, bringing little shivers inside. This new born baby, coming from the stars, full of grace and trailing glory, recognizing who she came here to be with, the importance of a bigger brother, soul mates from other lifetimes, rebirthing into her own soul group. This baby got a great start to her life.



Rose went to the Kundalini Yoga class led by Seri Amrita as usual on Monday nights. Rose, known to Seri Amrita as “Santa Rosa Maria” loves these classes in general and the way she feels afterwards. Santa Rosa Maria feels full of smiles as she sings the closing song, her arms wanting to rise in the air in delight and jubilation, energy vortices spinning around.  On this particular night Santa Rosa Maria had not told Seri Amrita that she needed to leave early for her dream group so she stayed on, always glad to stay to the end. She folded away her blankets, put away her props and hurriedly went to say goodbye to Seri Amrita. As she looked into her smiling face, in that moment, she felt a beautiful connection to her. She can hardly put into words what she saw and felt. It was in the smile, in the white even perfect teeth, the aura, the whiteness of both, a light shining through her countenance, a slight bow as she trailed around her, her clear eyes connected to hers, brown and white, her arm extended in Seri Amrita’s direction, wanting to bow to her, to kiss her feet. It was not thought out and Santa Rosa Maria did neither, but felt she took a light from her that trailed with her, of glory, of the stars as she left Seri Amrita still sitting in lotus posture near the door. Blessing and was blessed.



Rose went on a trip to the ocean, getting out of Dodge for a few days. Her train was three hours late, a police man stopped her on the way to the train and she fell upside down on the escalator, in New York, her bags and pull along case at odds with her, going in different directions.  The hair on her head was not hurt in any way, but the moving steel, her feet in the air, walloped her around, her bag contents scattered.  Something trying to get her attention, some shifting of energy, some need to change was what she took from this.

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The dream that came to her was of the woman dressed in green in the half-light who said something to Rose, which she missed. When she asked for the words that were spoken to her the woman made a point of not repeating herself, as if to say to Rose, I have spoken, now you reach into the getting of this message.

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The more Rose tried to penetrate the words given, the less distinct it was, leaving her with three colors falling off the hand of the woman, blue, indigo and violet. The three incidence of hardship above helped her reference this fragment and she thought of it more than a few times in the aftermath of the fall.



What came up is that her thinking and therefore her emotions were off base. When she had the dream she associated it to her feeling of needing to fix someone else, in that critical controlling way.  She needed to take those colors and see how she could get out of the literal desire to project her problems onto another, to now taking herself in hand, to go about rising out of the literal into the spiritual. It took a few days to realize she needed to write a letter to myself, to not fix anyone but herself. And it was more than that, she has to go on into a higher dimension of herself, that includes love and kindness.



Long Beach Island was marvelous where she attended the weekend with fellow Gaelic speakers, people learning the Irish Language. The Gaelic for dream and vision is Brionloid and aisling respectively. She got one dream from a girl who dreams of a key. After some talk she was happy to think she has the key to herself and could take that with her from her weekend away at the shore learning Gaelic.



The grey skies cleared on the last day and she spent some time soaking up something from the Angels of Water, Air and Sun. She had some lovely conversation with a ‘Druid Bernie’ look alike. He noted that the literal translation of the word Leprechaun means half a person, as in half the stature. He also noted that the Druids, connected to the Celts, had women and men in their leadership positions and the women were the successful negotiators. Saint Brigit was also Bishop Brigit connected to the Christian traditions, prior to their take over by the Patriarchy in Ireland, about a thousand years ago.  It is nice to consider that women held their place in the great scheme of things, useful, intuitive and able to mend the breach and forge the path in earlier times.

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A path on the bayside

And if you find yourself falling upside down into the unconscious, I sincerely hope the hairs on your head are not hurt. Looking at the dreams will help you figure how you can move dimensionally, up and down in yourself and abandon the need, the compulsion to project the heavy bags, to point at others, need to fix others. May all your dreams lead you into your own pathways where they will be pleased when you pour around them. Projection can be halted, both personally and globally.



Love from Rose.





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