The Birds and the Bumblebees

photo 2-274

What is the matter with that great bumblebee? No matter where Mariah sat today, the bee was just over her. She thought she could see into his black eyes as he hovered inches from her nose. Often the shadow of the bee was around and on her even when she could not see it.

photo 5-197

The bee is back. She did not think she would have enough courage to do it in. He seemed like a spy, watching her, two black eyes. Hovering, than some quick fast movement in different directions.



Earlier, she heard a dream of raccoons when she went on walk about. The raccoons seemed to be attacking the owner of the dream. He imaginatively attacked the raccoon after the fact of the dream.  He thought he should throw spears at them, especially the leader of the pack that was pretty huge. Mariah thought he should draw it and then try talking to it. If he was lucky, he could find out more about the shadow side of himself that shows itself as racoon, even as the dreamer does complicated exercises to make himself more perfect.

His association to the raccoon was that it is sly and would impose its own agenda on him. He was a bit surprised that Mariah thought it was part of him. He was looking at it as something from outside of him. He liked that perspective, that it represented a shadow side of him. He felt he would relook at the dream, not feel intimidated. He looked into the distance for a moment of contemplation and then gave Mariah a warm hug. Both went on their ways satisfied.

The bee is back, coming in backwards toward her face, glances around and dashes off again. What is that unknown dance the bee is doing, what is the attraction in her immediate vicinity? She is looking down on him now, half furry yellow ochre and the tail end shiny black. It is a chunky bee.

photo 5-155

The birds are very busy and as the leaves are not on the big tree, she can see the birds up there, when she lies down under the tree. She can feel the almighty rush and burst of the sap in the tree, about to push out thousands and thousands of leaves, all together onto the tree, in the immediate future. She felt held up on a huge grid of energy criss crossing everywhere, not just underneath, but also overhead, making myriad eggs and birds, flowers and nuts, fruit and grass.

photo 2-278

The sun was near to setting and she decided to sit under the big tree, and look toward the setting sun. It was making its way down through the branches of a big berry tree, a warm yellow, about sixty feet away. She slit her eyes to avoid getting blind from staring into it’s yellow depths. The sun rewarded her with long beams of yellow that struck her heart, as she squinted her eyes.

The tree itself, over there, started with clumps of purple, diffuse color here and there in the bare branches. Then there were royal blue orbs all over the tree. It was better than a Yuletide tree she thought. She felt a relaxation coming up from beneath her and holding her in place. A big squrrill was near her looking for nuts in the grass and he did not see her for a while. When he did he scampered off to climb the fence and into the pines nearby. The sun is down now and the bumble bee is gone and it is time to go to bed to look toward her own dreams.

photo 2-230

She would seek out Druid Bernie to catch up and ask some advise about a family problem she is having. She was asked to a family gathering but Uishneach was not. She was sure he would have some good advice for her. The end.

photo 2-273

Rose had a wonderful day staying home in The Burg. The sun was shining and it was near eighty on the front porch and back deck. The bumblebee was her constant companion on the back deck. She played Dominos in the shade of the front porch, exercised on the back deck, cooked a little vegan recipe,  burned some incense, sat under the great walnut tree, watched the sun go down and shopped a little and generally had a lazy day relaxing in the sunshine.

And if you have some raccoon dreams, some paranoia about the bumblebee encroachment in your space, then be sure to come to see me. I love to work on such dreams and will swallow the shadow side whole, in an effort to digest what part of me is the bumblebee and what part of you is the raccoon. May such deliberations help you hold the shadow side of you to account and bring in the energy held in such wily animals back into the fold of you. Love from Rose



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  1. rlongwort says:

    Margot Bergman left me the following comment by e-mail
    Margot Bergman
    3:45 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me

    Rich and beautiful as always. I believe the bee in question must be a carpenter bee. Googlepants says that if it looks you in the eye, hovering, that’s what it is. Mason bees also zoom around like jet fighters, very mechanical seeming. While bumble bees just bumble about on flowers… love, m

    ps. the word press just sends me around in loops

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