The Music Festival.


photo 2-324

From Rose’s Garden

Today Rose is up early and discovered the full moon sitting in a band of sky without cloud. She had slept through the night until the predawn hour. The clouds were out of the northwest and had split them selves asunder to accommodate the beautiful moon. Rose was pleased as she usually finds time to sit in that moonlight before it hastens into those gibbous shapes and disappears. She had moonlight shining on her face for the best part of an hour. She hoped it would settle in there in her face for the next month when she will imprint herself with this lovely soft light again when the moon is full of shining soul in late July. She did some little secret chants mostly to herself, using low notes to not disturb the night. Soon she was covered with the notes of the birds all around, as the moon went behind the hill of the house next door.

photo 3-323

Then it was time to swivel and face the sun rising. The tree changed from a great dark shadow into shapes and angles and sunlight and green light. The birds found the top of a tree without leaves and placed themselves in stillness to greet the sunshine. There was a cacophony of the black bird song sounds that reverberated off of her body, shifting something in her. It helped her into stillness, just to feel it. At the end she prayed for you all. She hopes you are praying for her.

photo 2-325

Lilies in line

Rose has been away from her keyboard due to a family wedding and a family members visiting. She is glad to get back to her own routines, minus the marvelous distractions. The wedding fretted itself into huge dark clouds but at the last minute they were pulled away for some other urgent business elsewhere. Rose felt this was a lovely omen for the bride and groom, as the bride walked up in her finery in the dancing sunshine. It was reported to Rose that there were tears in the groom’s eyes as he said his words of love to the bride.

photo 2-32


Rose had the privilege of attending the Bach Music Festival and some of their concerts, both noon and evening times. She was well satisfied with the feast they gave her and is still filled up with their music brought to her soul through the concerts.

photo 4-292

Scribbles live in the concert hall.

The music brought Rose orbs of many colors going around in her crown. The air of the musician breath goes up through the lungs and through the instruments, through the arms and the hands and is aired into knowing what to strike, what sound to make. The breath is near the heart and accesses the well of love. The musicians know what they are doing.

photo 3-325

The air in the horns brings the sounds and the arms on the bows calling us to collect ourselves into uniting the ida and the pingula in the back, within. This warms the goddess in the center, enticing her out of her nest, at the end of the back bone, out into the space filled with the sunshine of music. Soon there is a great feast rising into the air. All that is the very best in everyone, all that is other, unspeakable, yet well felt by all weave around in the notes. The feast creates space for the guest, the Goddess,Kundalini, Mata Shacti, Virgin Mary, brings up an ecstasy in the players, in the listeners.

The audience pays attention, single minded, there in the silence, collected and expanded around themselves pushing out the world, making room for the real in the room.

photo 1-359

The ecstatic look on the piano players face, as he circled his body as a cone on the bench and rolled his eyes up and in, in touch with the Goddess energy, inviting her to raise into his container, our containers.

photo 2-326

The baritone sang of the Love that creates the feast and the feast that creates the guest. He fully stepped himself out of the way to embody her notes.

photo 3-324

Two lilies, Goddess containers with little green hearts

The two violinists moved their bodies in unison to the music in their duo, tongues of fire over their heads. They leaned back on their heels and leaned forward in their toes as their combined energies in music lifted us onto a different platform, a place of joy and beauty as we stepped out of ourselves and climbed the marvelous stairs where angels had a hand in their instrumentation, taking our hands, leaving traces of gold all over us before we came back to ourselves.

photo 2-327

The guitar player sent me a card, perhaps it is a mother’s day card.

Rose is back at work at her house looking into some dreams when she can get them and doing a MARI sort if she feels inclined to include that in the session. It is always exciting to work with the card shapes and colors and have the client draw a mandala and to compare with the original card sort and mandala belonging to that person.What is still held in by the unconscious and what has come up and been aired into awareness may be told.

photo 3-327

This is a recommendation of sorts. She may be biased.

And if you would like to work with me be sure to leave me a massage through this site or contact me through Psychology Today Site. There you will see I am a Licensed Professional Counsellor practicing for many years. I look forward to hearing from you. I will close sending out a blessing of love to you. May all your feelings be filled with love. Love from Rose.






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