Blessing and Blessed

photo 2-329

Most of the art work here is from one big picture I did while studying Paradise Lost at JMU in 1990’s. The dove was taken from a card my mother mailed to me for Easter.

Sometimes I take a look again at the Chakras, what they mean to me and how there are connected energetically with the body, with thoughts and with emotions. I have prayed for love, peace, patience and understanding to flow through me and have connected this prayer to the chakras.

photo 1-361

A representation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The center represents the chakras. The dove is in the center, lost in reflections of light in the glass.

In meditation, at the heart center, join the hands together, reach and see the light split the door into the heart. The white light through the fingertips parts the door and you are within the space of the heart. This is the central ring of Love. This is the Church of Thyatira at its best; this is the Thymus Center, protecting us. This is the Christ center, giving us the morning star. Love in all our feelings. Silence and intention to go and create the feast of love will get you there. Never give up trying to do this. Intention is powerful. Create the feast and the guest will come.

photo 5-265

Eve from a nude painting class I attended for some months led by Margot Bergman.

Peace inhabits a second ring involving the Thyroid Will Center of the Throat and the Solar Plexus center involving the Adrenal Glands. The peace of the Will of God replaces the energies of fight or flight and our will, with peace and the will of God. There we connect up the blue of the Will with the yellow of the Solar Plexus.

photo 4-294

Adam from the same class above, with reflections from my Catalpa tree and porch within the painting.

These are the churches of Pargamos and Sardis. These are the places of the white stone of the Adrenal Center and a new name given.  This peace of the Solar Plexus, when united with the Will of Spirit, at the Thyroid center in the throat, brings the peace that passeth understanding. There we align with the will of Spirit, taking out of hiding those in us already dressed in white raimnant, in line with the will of Spirit. Both centers respond to love from the heart, bringing peace to both. Ask for peace, for always and for everywhere. Let your thoughts be such that when they go to the lower centers for energy, they are worthy to come back up and be acceptable to the Christ in the Thymus Center.

photo 5-264

Circles representing chakras

Patience is on the next ring out, involving the centers of reproductively and creativity in us, Testes and Ovaries and the Pineal Gland in our crown. We can rise up our energies so that they become an acceptable gift in the Temple of the Lord, Home of the Father in Heaven in our crown. We can decide how to use the energies in our pelvic basin, whether it is for self or for creativity, when we are working with self or others. Here it is possible to find that very intention in line with what we came here for. These are the Churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia. When we use this energy for creativity, we are spotless, in the space of purity, in meditation, in discerning our way forward.


The seven chakras

Understanding is yet another ring out from the center. To be able to understand the whole meaning of things, the rhyme and reason to everything that happens to us. To be able to accept everything as a given gift. This understanding is connected to the root center, in us, where enters the original white light of the spirit. Do we color it how we will, following in old patterns of power and control or can we just let it come up and connect with the heart and with the Third Eye.


Gifts of the Spirit, Peace, Patience, Love and Understanding.

Our thoughts fall out into this Pituitary center, the master gland in the body. If we tell it we want to fight it alerts the adrenals. If we tell it we want to love it connects to the heart center.  This center is bound to obey our thoughts and send them into the roots for energy, for the white light of God. That is why it is a good thing to try and keep our original attitude that we belong to spirit and let go of old attitudes, of ignoring our first Love.

photo 2-32

So that is Rose’s roundup of Love, Peace, Patience and Understanding. It is not as if she has this squared away in herself. She struggles and struggles with this. What helps most is focusing on her own life, her own inheritance, her own service, her won love. She is looking to have Love in all her feelings, rosy pink and green. It is not too hard to see when she is not in love, when she is in judgment and control, when her sensor is broken, and all her prayers fall apart and are for nothing in the face of the chaos of unbridled thoughts and emotions.

The dreams are an added layer of looking at her self. If she figures out how to go forward with someone, then lets it drop for two weeks, does nothing, she might dream of a baby she has that she has forgotten about.

photo 1-362

The black mandala monster 

If she draws a mandala with a big black looking mechanical dog in it she can treat it like a dream symbol. She can ask it what it is about and find out it is the monster who takes all those lost things from her, her pocket book, her keys, her dream book, her passwords. She can tackle it with a sword, reduce it to little pieces, eat it, see it morph, burn it etc. This attention to her shadow, to the necessity of the dream or the image from the mandala, brings her into calmness, into awareness, into changing out chaos for peace. She can go back and turn and immediately find  what had been lost to her.

So if you are frustrated with yourself or with your lost things, with your attitude and emotions, be sure to make an appointment with me to start putting your better self in place, set intentions, and bring Love, Peace, Patience and Understanding into your life. I leave you with my blessing prayer that goes as follows:

May your eyes be blessed so that you may bless with your seeing. May your ears be blesses so that you may bless with your hearing. May your hands be blessed so that you may bless with your doing. May your feet be blessed so that you may bless with your going. May your body be filled with blessings so that you may be blessed and you may bless.Try me now says the Father, that I may open the window of heaven and throw you out a blessing that there is not room enough to receive. Love from Rose.

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