Leprechauns and their thoughts -Part 2

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Part 2

Her fleeting thought that the druid would agree with her and her need to be in this place of grievance, to be right, had to be abandoned. She knew better. “You want to follow the spirit, you want to get rid of the weeds, so you have to consider that everything that is happening to you is the spirit’s way to help and heal you. You have to let the bed of weeds die off by letting go of giving it attention. You have to let the bed of weeks die off by focusing on where you want to bring your own life now, and you especially have to let the bed of weeds die off by accepting they are your very own weeds” is what he concluded for her. He was out of breath. The fire in his pipe was out.

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She told him her prayers seemed to stay below and she had trouble throwing them up to heaven. She had lit a candle or two to help her resolve it. She had meditated daily but always seemed to end up in the place of airing her thoughts about the whole thing from her point of view and breaking the censor of her prayer at the alter and being back in the place of weeds and tares. She looked at the marks in the mud again, telling her of her other lives when she took advantage of her power over others. “In the end you do not get away with any jot or tittle of wrongdoing, as it comes back to haunt you later” he said.

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He became quiet as he relit his pipe. He poked out the black and burned and put in the new. Then when he was finished he suggested they pray and meditate, as was their won’t in silence. “This time it will be different” he said, telling her to be very clear about what she wanted and the way would open for her. “What is your ideal? And pray into that” he said.

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She asked that Love be in her heart and that understanding would come to her so she could be happy again. She asked that the spirit of Love be her defense, and that this Love would make her heart upright. It did not matter how others treat her, it was not her job to correct others, but to see beneath to the karmic interactions that kept them apart. She might have to accept she had something to do with the difficulties she is experiencing with others. She was meeting karma from a past life . If she was less than helpful to the person who was causing her problems, then she was compounding her karma. She had to go back to it a number of times. She stayed mostly in this prayer.

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At some point she felt a shift and could see her heart straightening up. All those Lilliputian strings holding down her heart in a crooked way, sprung loose. The Love made for her heart showed itself with a glow in the back of her heart and in that moment those strings that held her down were severed asunder and she jolted into a straightening up. She got a spirit of understanding that the spirit of Love is real in everyone and she can be in that way, as long as she holds LOVE as her ideal, and measures herself against it every day. It is a visceral feeling to be found inside in the heart. The feeling comes through in the act of reching for Spirit in meditation.

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She could go ahead and skip all her grumping around, her bad mood, her ego insistence on a cloaking cloak of weeds and go right  to the heart, skip into that pot of gold in the heart and ladle that all over everything, love in food, love in lovemaking, love in doing, love in going about. Bringing down the mantle of Love in Meditation was the answer for her now.

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Pink Lilies on Franklyn Street

When she opened her eyes again one of the little hedgehogs was rooting around in her bag and pulled out a crust of her bread and was enjoying it. It was a piece of crusty sour dough bread she was particularly fond of.

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Before she could think about it she shooed the hedgehog away and even though she followed the shooing with “I am sorry,” the hedgehog dropped his crust and ran for its life trying to catch up with the family. She resolved to replace this automatic shooing away of love and replace it with “I accept and I am sorry.” as there was a reason always for what ever turned up in her life.  The end.

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Morning Mandala

And if you want to work with me in establishing your spiritual goals, work through some blocks, figure out the magic of love, be sure to call and make an appointment.

And if you see me going around with lots of wayward Lilliputtian strings going in all directions on my head and all about me you will know I am working hard to curl them up and not look so strange. I am working hard to bring the ideal of love more fully into my life through diving into the well of love filled through meditation, already behind the door in my heart. I pray for you, you can pray for me, as I am always standing in the need of prayer.  Love from the well of love in my heart. May it find yours in great form too. Love from. Rose

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