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I awoke at 4.30am after about six hours sleep. I knew I was finished sleeping and I settled into my morning routine. I started with some chanting to get myself centered. While doing that, I noticed I was able to get comfortable in my body. Then I went into my Christian oriented prayer/meditation starting with the Our Father and its references to the chakras. By the time I got to praying for others at the end I was profoundly relaxed.

I was not at my own house, staying overnight with my beach compadre. It was after six when I went about getting breakfast and getting my stuff out of my car and into the other driver’s car. It seemed forever before my companion was ready and I had a hard time reigning in my impatience. The rain filled day matched my mood, watering my impatience. Soon we were on our way and the sky opened up over the beach and we left the rain mostly behind us to enjoy three days in the surf. We spent a sunny evening outside, eating out and the next day I got up before dawn to see the sunrise again. There was rain but the sunrise makes it through to give me a rainbow behind me. I was surprised when I saw it there. It was a new again experience for me.


I had a dream of the rainbow and I seemed to be explaining to someone we used to think that the rainbow meant  that there will never be a world-wide flood again. But I was maintaining that the promise is an internal one, that I will not be flooded again with everything that cuts me off from spirit, from the knowledge of the fact I am a spiritual being in this lovely earth, for a limited time. There is some glory there to be claimed. We have chakras that correspond to the rainbow colors, and that are also part of who we are.

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I heard a dream about the ocean. It is not the first time that the dreamer dreams of a huge wave, or similar threatening images. There is usually some kind of crouching  down and we are not affected by the mighty wave. It is interesting that this wave is so frightening to us yet does not hurt us. I think it represents the rising Kundalini, which frightens the holder of such energy but is not harmful if the person is preparing in the right way with meditation practice, prayer, has a mentor,  and dream study etc. The picture below is of the rising Kundalini. It is an old picture but not very old. I seem to have dragged in the boot of my male side to suppress it. I am looking on with that stupid innocent look on my face, like I do not own the boot. Sometimes it takes a few months to understand your own drawings and interpret them. A dismembered hand or foot has to be reclaimed.

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My lack of attention to attitude has given me lots of hip and leg pain, especially down the back of the leg and below the knee. My companion at the beach wanted the “Old Rose back” who can walk. There are not many people who take the trouble to cry about my condition. I would like the old Rose back also. But I get it, that some aging is happening and it is not always possible to turn back the clock. I took her advice about taking some supplements. I will take my own advice about my attitude. I find this a formidable project.

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exerciser at the beach

I pulled out my old steam cabinet a few weeks ago in the rain and scrubbed it down with baking soda for an hour or two. It is about seven years since I used it , never making use of it here at my new house. It felt so marvelous to sit into the steam laced with witch-hazel the first time and something else the second time. These substances are helpful to the body, as the body can absorb them through the skin. The pores open and there is a cleansing that goes on.

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The steam cabinet

I treated the steam cabinet as a sweat lodge. Some people are afraid of them but I have always attended them over the years. I found them helpful, sometimes feeling ten years younger for a few days, depending on who was leading it. Once an old lady gave around some potions to her disciples (I was not one of hers) and used some herbs on the coals that left me feeling wonderful for those few days afterwards. Everyone was invited to pray or sing and I loved to participate. Yesterday I had to open the door of my personal steamer a few different times to cool off and when I finally finished my heart rate was up a lot and very perceptible. I may have to consider keeping it a little cooler. Maybe a bath of ice water will help nearby.

photo 4-321

This little crab was near where I settled to meditate at the beach. He kept vigil with me watching me all the while.

And to my friends in the helper professions and to you I ask: Are you ready yet  to give to yourself what you give so readily to others? You deserve to have help looking within to find the truth of the tree of yourself. I will not drink and party with you but I will be able to pull away with you what ever needs weeding so that you can be in the comfort of who you really are and make no apologies for that.

We will look at complexes, shadow, projection, inner man or woman figures, the spirit of who you originally are, your oneness, by looking through the lens of your own dreams. We will draw dreams and mandala, we will laugh, we will become more conscious. I look forward to your comments, your likes, which you can leave below. You can also ask for an appointment time. I will not put your comment on the site if you are making a request for an appointment. You will also find me on Psychology Today where you will see I am a Licenced Professional Counsellor. I look forward to hearing from you, I look forward to working with you. Love from Rose








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