The Lovely Birds

photo 1-403

The blue dress

Rose has a new boss, an executive director at the Center for Marriage and Family Counseling. She put him on the spot and asked him for a dream when introductions were happening. While his blue eyes pondered, the group laughed at Rose’s audacity to ask such a question. He said he would think about that.  Many years ago when Rose was starting work in the Community Services Board, she had a dream of finding a marvelous blue dress in a secret place near her office. It helped her settle and know she was at the right place and at the right time. It was a marvelous place to counsel twenty people a week, from all walks of life for years. She often worked with many more people a day, through doing group session, up to five a week. Good times.

photo 5-288

New bosses, old bosses or Rose’s shadow boss

As she sat eating her fare on her front porch, a bird landed in a tree near her and continued in a loud raucous never-ending call. She threw her eating utensil that landed in the grass nearby. The bird looked down, checking it out for food, but did not move. Rose ran over to the tree and shook the tree before it went away. Its loud squawk could be heard for a little while longer in the distance. Later, she saw a lean white cat with a ringed dark tail crouched to pounce on this bird. She ran out to stop the cat in his tracks. The cat was lean and young and his muscles could be seen through his fur. She does not like to see the cat eating up the birds, even a loud one. She immediately developed a little empathy for the bird, figuring out that the squawk was related to the cat being nearby.

When travelling to a meeting, Rose saw two doves on the road courting. They were catty corner to each other. They were not on her side of the road but on the lane on which traffic was coming toward her.  She knew by the speed of the red van and the birds disregard for that vehicle,  that this would not be a happy outcome.  She thinks that she saw one bird rise at the last minute. The other was left a pile of feathers; some blowing in the wind already after the van was passed. She wished she had not seen this at all. It made her think of her own relationships and the tenuousness of life. Perhaps she could be little kinder to her own mate?

photo 4-325

Rose and her mate not facing each other sometimes

In her previous house, in Belmont, she had a sunroom with much window space, crowded around with a pinoak and evergreens. Both her youngest and oldest children came in contact with sudden death through doves hitting the window at full speed and being killed from the impact.

photo 1-398

Where the moon is near as the sun come peeping our in the morning.

At that time there was a couple of doves making a nest in the nearby bushes. They were easily observed from the upstairs window as they walked about on the sunroom roof, flirting and loving on each other. They were much enjoyed until one crashed into window and died from impact. After that, the blinds were shut down against such pain and misfortune and to let the birds know not to fly through plate glass. The dove mate hung around for a long time on his/her own, where the partner was lost. The other dove that was killed on impact inspired a poem Rose wrote as Rose observed her child deal with the death of the dove. The ten year old wrote in her diary all the while feeling her neck with her free hand. Rose looked for the poem in an old poem binder, where she found many old poems by others when she attended poetry group in the 1990s. Her own poem about the dove has vanished into the guts of some long lost dead computer.

photo 5-277

Writing in the diary, bring watched by the mother

On the other side of the life cycle, Rose was able to observe a couple of doves hatch out two eggs in a nest below her window, a green bush that brought the nest close to where she looked out on the second floor. It was lovely to watch the eggs being laid, the little ones come out and be fed and to see the mother bring them to flight. One morning Rose looked down and they were gone. She thought the worst but on closer inspection, the two hatchlings were sitting on a branch a few feet from the nest. They were too big for the nest but not ready to get going yet.

photo 3-341

Rose watching the birds.

If you have outgrown the nest you find yourself in, it is a good time to get going with recording your dreams. This can be easily achieved by placing a pen and journal near you on the bedside table.  Rose always drink lots of water before going to sleep as she neglect drinking it during the day. She makes a suggestion to myself to remember a dream, no small remembrance, and then when the water wakes her up for a bathroom call, she  can look for a dream in the night. Her dreaming has been quiet in spite of reading a book on dreams. Rose will persist and as the moon gets fuller and as she makes suggestions before sleep to remember a dream,  she is sure she will be gifted by another dream soon. In the mean time she is drawing some mandalas to cope with her feelings.

Not all dreams carry profound meaning, but many do, so when you have gathered up a few dreams be sure to commit them to paper and to bring them my way. Dreams will work well with your intuition, congratulate you when you are making the right decisions and admonish you when you are making an ass of yourself. I have had many of all of the above. I am a dream specialist trained in the counseling field and am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I practice in Harrisonburg Virginia. I am on the Psychology Today site for more contact information. You can also contact me through your comment below. I love to hear if you liked the above or otherwise. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose









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