Leprechaun trying to be Funny


photo 3-8

The overfull trashcan

Mariah made a list for herself and Uishneach to clean up the place before bedtime, before the pismires took over their humble abode. Food items needed to be put away, covered up completely and all waste foods put out in the mitten always from the house. The cat was eager to keep the rodents under control but keeping those pismires at bay was another job altogether. The surprise of being crawled on, lightly stung when nearly asleep was not conducive to a good nights rest.

photo 2-3

Cleaning up

Mariah and Uishneach had an arrangement with the dwarves to pick up their big trash at their house at certain times of the year. They liked to come when there was a full moon and had a number of rules of their own about how trash was to be presented to them. The items could not be put in a container that was too big.  Mariah had to supervise Uishneach’s efforts at guessing when the trash went out and in what receptacle. She had one trashcan that was very large, and it always looked so inviting to be filled to the brim. Then Mariah would have to pull it all out and the trash would be a big pile, dumped until the next month, when the bins would be empty and refilled again.

photo 1-398

The moon was shining

When the over large bin was out, the dwarves would start picking it up but then throw it down again and go into a long burbling conversation in their own language, about the size of the bin. They might argue and walk around it, feel the weight but ultimately not take it at all. Uishneach would take it personally. Mariah would encourage him to notice which bin was too large for the Dwarves. Nobody wanted to be cursed by them.

photo 3-5

The trash cans




The Dwarves had rules also about how big or small the trash could be. Some could be only one foot long and had to be tided in bundles. Other stuff had to be in small pieces, depending on what the dwarves did with it. Uishneach said that some of it went down the mines and he was not happy about that as it interfered with his looking for gold. Nobody liked walking around knee-deep in the dark in their own trash.

photo 4-5

In the mines

Mariah was happy that the last lot successfully went out on schedule and there was cleanness about that satisfied her. The night before the pickup the Druid Bernie had come by with his little bundle of trash and they had sat out in the moonlight in a chat room created by the hedges. They got to talking about dreams and she asked him how could she know if she was interpreting correctly. He asked if she was grumpy all the time and she said yes, he knew she was. He said that was a sign she was not interpreting correctly.

photo 1-4

A little grumpy

She said she had to be right, she had to be a bit grumpy or the trash would never go out and the place would never get cleaned up. Was it possible for her to have more patience, longsuffering, love for Uishneach, the Druid asked? She was not sure she could go there all the time. Maybe sometimes she could manage it after all the trash was picked up. Well, the Druid Bernie said, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”She said that she knew she was right and that made her happy.

photo 2

Happy and right, Right and happy

She liked to get her own way, usually by frowning, by anger. The Druid thought she should go for more laughter or she would become the long faced leprechaun. Giving and loving were the needed spirits to ensure the dreams were strong and helpful. If she could not love Uishneach, she could not hope to be able to have an open heart, which would give her dreams to help her.

photo 4-3

She liked to get her own way

She told him a dream of going along with a younger man. He was dressed up for the night in black suit and white shirt, very formal. He wanted six hundred pieces to go and celebrate the night. Mariah wanted to give it to him on condition he promised to pay it back to her. He made no such promise and the dream seemed to go on in this tug of war all night. She noted that she had asked for a dream about her painful right hip and leg, which she was working on.

photo 5-5

Her hip-joint

The Druid Bernie lit his pipe and the smoke rings rose in the night air. He mumbled the word “pay back” from her dream and said she was refusing to see that her illness was related to karma, that she had to pay back for something related to coin in a past life. The male aspect of her was selfish and had been busy enjoying himself, refusing to look at how the leg is connected to pay back, for a karmic situation in a past life. Ignoring a creeping leg pain for years was an achievement by her partying male self.

photo 5-287

A little trickery

She decided to trick the druid. She knew how he loved his tea a certain way and she decided that when he asked for the second cup she would put the sour bitter crystal into it instead of the sweetness. She saw him raise the cup to his puckered lips, lined, a little overly red from sunshine. Then he exploded the liquid out into the night air.

photo 1-386

Blowing it out in all directions.

“Is that funny enough for you?” she asked. She fell down laughing. He was not amused and stood up to leave, whistling for his hedgehogs. They all marched off with their spines and noses in the air. When Uishneach came home he said the Druid seemed to be in a huff.

photo 2

Uishneach greeting Mariah

She felt a little sorry for what she did and resolved to try to bring love and service into her home, making it more comfortable, better food but above all looking for ways to be patient about the trash. She hoped that the next dream would be a follow-up especially if she did a drawing for the Druid of the whole business. She knew that would please him. The end.


From the dreams

If you like my story above be sure to comment and or like below. I look forward to hearing from you. I pray for you and you can pray for me on a regular basis. Praying and meditation go hand in hand with dreams that are determined to bring in more consciousness. That is the place of not pretending. Love from Rose.







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