Fall into your dreams.


The geraniums were one of my mother’s favorite flowers.

It is Fall again so unexpectedly. I am glad it is here as it makes a change from the heat and the weather is so perfect with blue skies. As I mentioned previously, I have a steam cabinet and its job is to relieve me of all my toxins so that I will not have any ailments as I journey into the autumn of my life. It has its way of making me feel very clean, inside and out so I think it is time well spent. I wish I would get into it more often. It takes an hour most times at the very least.

photo 3-62

Masks are often created to represent the masks we wear in life. These masks were for sale in Marrakech.

In the steam cabinet I have a fine view of the back of the garden where grows the sunflowers. My eyes and the top of my head are the only things visible. My steam cabinet essentially acts as a blind and I go unnoticed by the wild life in the yard.

photo 4-45

Beautiful sunflowers in late August

The sunflowers no longer look fresh but are filled with the black gold sunflower seeds, which the birds love. I saw a cardinal trying to negotiate the procuring of one such seed. He was on the back side of a lower seed head looking up at a large seed head bowing over him. He took a number of leaps at the seed head above his head without much success. Finally he leaped, caught a seed in his beak and pulled one out with his body weight and some push from his feet. He fell away and gained flight. Mission accomplished, he flew off into the loblolly pine near by to enjoy his feast.

photo 3-17

At the back of my yard

The one pumpkin at the back of the garden is having some problems keeping its skin on. Cassy,my neighbor,  who threw last years pumpkin there, was very pleased when this pumpkin plant volunteered in her territory and produced one small round pumpkin. She thinks that a squirrel has been relieving her pumpkin of its pelt. I think that some of the green and yellow striped snails living under the black plastic in my compost black box, are making a nightly run to that great orange pumpkin about three yards away from their home, and slugging around on this beautiful Halloween globe, no longer destined for her Cassy’s porch.

photo 5-22

It was a perfect pumpkin

I heard some dreams about going down and down in a circular type stairs into the unconscious. The dreamer found herself on a mud path, which was narrow and high and slippery at the same time. It seems to be something that has to be accomplished alone, much like that cardinal having to feed himself with what was on hand. There was a young sapling there to be held onto but was of doubtful assistance to the dreamer. The larger than life male who appeared offered help that she rejected. Inner work is something that has to come from the depths of us. We can sit hugging our knees in fear but eventually we get up and start to take action based on our dreams.

photo 1-429

Still working on hip and knee related inner work

The action I am taking at present is to draw mandalas and if they look like some shape to be found in my mari card sorts, and if I can link it to colors, then I consider some interpretation based on my Mari books. My dreams are quiet at present but I can always review some less that worked on dreams, reconnect with my goals and what action I am taking as a result of former dreams.


Last nights dream gave me a snippet of owing some large amount of money. After thinking of my taxes, (yes they are paid) I was drawn back to having to consider how I am handling something that is of value and important to me at present.


Having fun with the lovely food in Morocco – There might have been some pumpkin like veggies in this dish. Seri Amrita, leader of the Moroccan Tour sits to the right.

I am having to avail myself of more body work to keep upright. I get massage, visit healers, osteopaths and am starting physical therapy again. It seems to be something that goes along with inner work. I may complain but “not a hair on my head is touched.” I loved visiting the spa in Marrakech and enjoyed everything about getting rubbed and scrubbed, washed clean. Then I was kissed on my forehead by a young barber woman worker, who had ministered to me, as I left to recover and to sit and sip hot sweet mint tea and cold water. For a wet minute, I felt like I was a baby again. It was great.

photo 5-305

Bubbles were created as our bodies and hair were scrubbed.

I am very happy working with people who bring along their dreams to me on a regular basis. I am about 100% busier that this time last year and there is plenty of room for more appointments. My work is insight based and the person leaves feeling a lot better than when they arrived. I love working with people and the unconscious, knowing that the dream brings out what is needed now.  I see the brokenness as well as the strength of my clients. The mandala art I do while the person is with me brings in an energy that turns things around right. Their drawing allows what needs to be said, to be said, as well as allowing the association to come through that will be most helpful.


No dreams yet of riding the camel

We can go over your dreams and drawings finding out what is underneath. This time of year is associated with a certain darkening, ripening and  preparation for what is coming. In the same way the dreams bring us into preparation for finding our strength and our wholeness and our necessary actions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Love from Rose.









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