Meditation and Chakras

photo 2-378

Vague attention paid to drawing while counseling

It is Guru Ram Dass’ birthday today. He is associated, like Jesus, with a lot of love and compassion and he was connected to the building of the Golden Temple in Amritsar in North Western India, a place of great devotion, energy and spirituality.  That was about five hundred years ago. When my son was joining the army, I took the trouble to ask Guru Ram Dass to protect him. I was doing a yogi weekend at the time and it was the Guru’s birthday week and there was lots of chanting to him. Every time I wanted to worry my son’s decision, I would refer him to the Guru, three chants and leave it there. Thankfully I no longer worry my son’s decisions. I since put these lines to an old Irish lullaby, and I feel the unifying power of the chant.

photo 3-390

My son playing drums quickly drawn in a half dark auditorium when in concert

It has taken me a while to figure out where to put the Jesus/Guru Ram Dass, Lords and Masters of the Spiritual worlds and this one too.  Because of their association with love, they naturally are associated with the heart chakra. How to connect the heart and head is the challenge. But a few thing have come together to help. I can definitely feel love when given to me without any conditions.

photo 2-380

My son’s friend playing on same stage

I went to a Psychic a few years ago because she came recommended by a good friend.  I remember after her session I felt very grounded, loved for a few days afterwards. Some major problem I was having faded into the background, as she expounded on how past lives figured in this problem. I needed to speak up for myself. She drained all the worry away from me. The feeling of love was unmistakable. I want to be able to do that for my clients. I get some feedback and I am helpful to them.

photo 1-435


She helped me understand the chakra connections that I have between my head and my heart. She said that my higher chakra,  the Pineal was directly linked to my heart and that the two together came out in my hands in my art, and would be very helpful when I used my mind with intention to be this healing presence.  It was an energetic connection and a pure link. She insisted I have many past lives doing counseling work, especially using the art component. I feel that connection as I practice with art and dreams in my counseling practice. I also see that the dreams are there as a unique letter to the client about how to proceed and well worth taking the time and energy to investigate.

photo 5-318

Fun times on the drums

The head chakras are associated with God. Our Father from our christian faiths, says “Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name.” The former “Father” connects to the Pituitary and the latter “Name” to the Pineal. This put the dynamic within. God within, Heaven within. Jesus said “The Father and I are one” and “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” He was referencing the two major spiritual chakras in the head. He gave his heart to the Father. He got past the time and space, into a oneness within with the Father. The Father was not placed up in the sky but within. I appreciate the macro component of God being everywhere also. But I want to feel the micro component inside to be carried around by me.

photo 5-317

Most likely an attempt to draw the moving conductor – it might be Mr Dotas.

I meditate, and I do have a daily/nightly practice. It ranges on the good days from two hours plus to 20 minutes squeezed in someplace. I am always so happy to do this. I am feeling the link between the heart and the head, something happening at the same time in the heart and the head. I am more than this physical body. This body is a vehicle for the soul, is the home of the soul.

photo 2-379

Drawing a friend at a meeting around 2012

While meditating on the above birthday, I went outside to connect with that time when it is said that the greater understanding comes to us, when the sun is starting to come up. The great Walnut tree was between me and the brightness coming up. The artisty of those black branches silhouetted against the brightening blue air was shocking. Squares, circles, faces, glasses on the faces in those branches. I felt the tree connect with me. I was sure I saw the third eye of the tree. I saw the life there and it is in us to be claimed also.

photo 1-433

Quick self portraits done deliberately with the help of a mirror can be shocking also.

When I looked at the tree for these connections later it was not there.

photo 4-353


And after the Kundalini Yoga class on the eve of Ram Dass ‘ birthday last evening, when the teacher mentioned her Guru, I saw a huge oil drop in the air, golden and infused with light. My face was filled with smiles, as the head chakras are associated with the cup, that run over, both spiritually and physically. It is these hormones and harmonies that bless the body with wellness, finding their way into all the cells in the body. Our mental efforts to connect with the spiritual within brought this vision. It was nothing more than a flash and at the same time it was everytning in the moment. I feel very connected in those moments and happy.


The magazine Venture Inward from the Association for Research and Enlightenment  (Edgar Cayce) comes to me once every two months. I look for it in the mail. The stories this past time were connected to the arts music etc. I found encouragement to use my art, especially my drawing of faces, both mine and others a worthy pastime. I have not got up in the night to paint yet but I did some self portraits recently just looking in the mirror. It was fun. I also draw my body especially when dealing with pain (two above). The other shapes and faces are less conscious and are drawn while talking to someone. Sometimes I loosly attempt to draw the person in front of me, an initial concentration at the beginning. Then I let go into doing the work of counseling. The drawing keeps me closer to the right side of the brain, where I am more intuitive and more connected to what needs saying and doing and my listening ear is attuned.

I am blessed to have found the work of my hands and the meditations of my heart in this life. I am blessed twice when you come and work with me and your dreams. I look forward to seeing you as we accommodate those blessings that come down on us that there is hardly room enough to receive. Love from Rose.

photo 1-434

I tried to give this glorious picture to the occupants but she was having any of it. They are a lovely couple.











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