Life after Life


photo 2-381

Scary Halloween mask. All that slashing across the page brought the two sides of my brain together.

In Woodbine Cemetery near my house is a gravestone with pieces of colored glass making up the main square of it. When the sun is low in the sky and shines directly through that thick glass, it becomes see-through, luminescent, saying you are more than dead, that you are a being of light and that the graves holds “Your mortal remains” but the spirit, the rainbow colors of you have left that rag and bone of you in the grave and you have escaped elsewhere. When you do not realize this coming birth to the other world, you are not dead but “sleepeth” in this life. This life is the opportunity to be and show love and anything else you care to do with all your might so at the end you will review it as you leave down your rags and bones and bring your everlasting soul with you having gained or lost depending on how much love you managed to manipulate into everything. And just for good measure you have to figure that all out by yourself, your unique slant on it all. No two lives the same, like the snowflakes.


A little snow from last winter. Igloo built by neighbor Josh behind my house.

How to get unasleep in life? God/Spirit/ Devine Beloved is behind the door. How not to ignore, to try to see through the glass darkly? So that at least this forlorn Divine Beloved knows we are making an effort and so that the furnace of love in our Divine Lover’s Heart light up and melts that glass behind which we hide.


Behind the glass darkly/brightly taken in Marrakech.


When our hearts begin to expand into that love, then we can love one another and our Source, as Jesus has loved the Father and you. So we can be set down, no longer carrying that heavy door on our backs, filled with wander lust for what is behind the colored solid glass door on our backs, so close. Turn and Turn and Embrace.

photo 1-317

Carrying something maybe

I came across a dream from a few years ago from a friend. She said that she was asked to walk on water. She got great help from skunks and porcupines who ran off the bad guys. She saved a herd of cows for the village. She is repairing her church. She did active imagination with her image of walking on water with me and it was beautiful. That is all I said in my journal about her dream.

photo 4-185

My tea leaf reading.

My friend Maria Prytula related this poem in church in Spring 2012. I had my journal there and wrote it out as she said it. She was a sweet friend and mentor to me after my divorce. Her tea was always spectacular. Neither of us read the tea leaves.

Be gentle night
So I can taste again
This morsel of delight
Do no freeze the bulbs.
Walking in the Arboretum
Fences of stick,
Pools of light
Tiny white bells heralding Spring
Envelopes of Love
Spangled by stars.

By the pond the show is free
Spring Heart to root
Sing with the birds
Laughter is song
Sweet showering unseen
A healing pall.

Bewitching the drunken heart
Deer breakfasted on Tulip bulbs
Mocking Bird, a choralist
Long scolding, follows me about
As I grow old I love my weeds
The mocking bird is gone
No one to scold me now.

I miss Maria and our private tea drinking.

Friday morning with no schedule, but a load of maybe this or that, I settle at last to some drawing, always a soother for me.  On this beautiful day on the porch I settle down in the sunshine and take out those oil pastels. They have a way of making their mark. Once it is made there is not getting rid of it.

photo 3-392

She was not inclined to smile for me

I was frustrated with the first drawing of my self-portrait. I left it to “draw without looking” at the paper and got my Halloween drawing (above) and finally did a drawing of my pain(below). It feels much better an hour after the drawing. I then finished the self portrait and laughed at my results. She was very dour but I managed to drag her lip up on one side and she seemed a little less put out…and it is finished.


What can I say today to get you into your dreams and check if there is any invitation to walk on water, to do the impossible? My friend in her dream was getting in touch with her instincts which help her save what is of value for herself and those with whom she is in contact and she is also finding her spiritual side as represented by her rebuilding her church. I have not managed this walking on water but once in a dream I levitated. It gave me a fright so that I woke up screaming.


Picture above taken in an ancient city in Nepal. We were not lost. He is speaking of the earthquake that shook the area and how it affected his family.

As for me and my dreams, I am lost in Washington after a big day there and I am so frustrated to have missed my ride home. In reality, I do go to Washington on a yoga retreat for the day tomorrow Saturday. I am looking forward. I am wondering what the dream is telling me about my preparation. I am staying home today being quiet, eating vegetables and generally laying low. May do some quiet time to mentally get ready. Light the candle etc. Nobody wants to be left in Washington for the night after the retreat. No doubt you will be hearing about the retreat when next I write.

architecture attractions building city

Photo by Pixabay on Washington here I come.

Love from Rose.


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