The Cat and the Needle

Evidently a new kitten/cat visited the black cat, Cocoa, at Rose’s neighbor’s house and they just ran together at top speed along Rose’s porch and their paws caused the energy in Rose’s back to shiver as she had no way of seeing what she had her back to. The fast pace of eight paws hitting the wooden porch made a vibration that travelled up her chair into her back. Cocoa was having no use for this new upstart with startling black marking on his side, in his space. Rose’s cry as they hurdled past caused Cocoa to look back but after a little thought he hunkered down and crossed the road after that new invader. Cocoa’s mate, Tucks went under her porch after starting at Rose, asking permission, gauging the risk. She hoped he was just walking through. 

 When Cocoa, the black cat crossed her yard earlier to do his ablutions in the neighbor’s yard, he paused and almost stood in the Catalpa leaves but recoiled at the tinder sound of those leaves and went into the space under the hedge. He had to go and did so before going on his way.  Rose’s sister says there is a smell of cats in her front porch. Rose does not get it thankfully but worries about it nonetheless. When Cocoa, went near the dwarf maple tree, about ten black caped chickadees flew up about twenty feet away. Rose had not idea they were foraging there. 

My mother’s cat in the needle of her son’s arms.

The cold temperatures that triggered the leaf fall made the wren make little movements in the high hedge, barely noticeable, to keep warm as he foraged for food. The cardinal let out a few alarm calls, as the white cat stared at Rose in her porch space. The cat was wondering if he would come through the yard or stay behind the hedge on the footpath. He has grown and filled out and with a pretty face, even as he pauses to stare at her balefully, with a little fear in his foot as he hurries away.

Before the cold snap

Rose has the theme of twins running though her life and through her dreams in a most synchronistic way in the past few weeks. She was scheduled in counseling with a woman who was one of twins. She brought Rose a dream of two men, who seemed like twins. Rose prayed for incoming souls months ago and included twins she knew were gestating even though she did not know the mother. Then she met those identical twins the other day and they are some months old. Rose got to hold them and they were so precious with their dark eyes and lovely disposition. The mother pointed out the one whose head was born first but the other slipped out under and took the name of firstborn. It did not get any better than that for Rose who was so excited to hear all this even as she dreamed of twins in her own nighttime travels in the dream world. Rose is also in a group with a woman who had two sets of twins. Her twins are fraternal.

From the dream – wound to the hip

Then Rose was drawn to the story of the twins in the bible, Jacob and Esau.

Last night she dreams she is locked in a deadly embrace with another who has a big light colored needle and is trying to stick it into her. Rose was trying her best to avoid this pin being stuck into her and tried to stick it into the mattress. She also dreamed of three pens or stories or both. There was so many stories that the true story is not recognized and Rose is trying to hide the truth also, not be caught out in some way.   

The Esau and Jacob story is difficult to fully understand but Rose tried today to say it again in the light of her dream and it goes like this:

In the course of wrangling and wrestling in the night, the sword, the silver lit needle comes out to strike the nerve, the nerve of him/her that goes against God’s face and love. There is a need to cut it to make his/her thoughts obedient unto Christ. Jacob admitted his sins, his stealing, his killing and then he got the name change but in his case he also got a blast from the face of God that blew everything from Jacob even his tight sciatic nerve holding him in the limp of himself until the light filled into him from that burning needle filling his face with the face of God. He sees his brother’s face filled with what has come into his own. “Take these gifts, I sent you, because I see the face of God in you” says Jacob/Israel to his brother Esau. The enemy brother is changed also as Jacob comes to him a changed man.

A needle of red leaves

I hope you are recording three dreams that you can bring to me for a trashing session. There is nothing like the light that can come from a dream properly investigated. There may always be more to be distilled from them, but it will be solved by the next dream bringing its own adjustment. I can have blind spots about my own dreams but not so blind with those of others. I look forward to you note saying you want an appointment to work through a dream or two. Love from Rose.

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