Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day and I am so very thankful for a number of things. I am thankful for my three grown children, one of whom was with me for this holiday. I am thankful that the food was delicious and the games were fun and the movie sublime for me. I am very thankful for a year that found my dream analysis business expanding out of my home. Finally I am calling in those who want to work with the dreams. I am thankful that I can use active imagination with my dreams and have a sense of what that is. I am so humbled and grateful for those who trust me with their dreams. I am so grateful to be entrusted with associations that bring the bearer out of the shadow, the hidden, into the possibility of release through the sharing of such secrets. 

Indoor plants. Last year it gave up lovely pink heart shaped flowers.

This morning it above thirty degrees in the porch after 10 am and I went outside to drink tea and do some physical therapy exercises later. When the sun came out beautifully, the temperature is a stunning 35 degrees. I cheated a little with an electric blanket around me or under me at times. The therapy exercises grow each week and I can easily spend over an hour working through. I try and combine it with some breathing yoga style and with some prayers to help with the counting. I hate to waste the time with just counting.

The birds came through the yard en-masse. There were a lot of cardinals that landed in the tree beside the porch, flying off just as soon as another five or six came through. I stopped counting them after 20, both male and females. They did not seem to be getting much to eat and did not tarry long. 

I was eating a salad of sorts. The birds do not care as they search for other fare.

A Carolina Wren takes my eyes off the cardinals. The warm brown over the head that spreads out to cover his back is lovely, ending in that little straight up tail, and the stripes along the side near the beak, help me watch the hypnotic movements of the wren. There was a group of sparrows under the tree in my neighbor’s yard that flew up into the tree as one, when they heard an alarm shriek from the Blue Jay that was also around. I saw two black eye juncos with the beautiful white breast and dark gray cover on their backs. 

“Go sin no more” was the injunction from Jesus to the people that he healed. He did not say to stay healed but “go sin no more” so I am thinking about that. I read into it in the Bible but do not seem too clear yet what it involves as I am looking for healing.  Over the years body workers have often healed me. I thought that their ministrations increased my circulation, and or brought healing and I would feel very comfortable for a few days. I once went to Hot Springs and stayed in the water for over an hour and that also made me feel healed for a few days. Sweat lodges too were great. So what does “go sin no more” mean in the hear and now. I stopped going to one therapist as I was impatient to heal myself, to gain an awareness from within. She had a marvelous way with energy and my impatience and slow moving awareness did not get me anywhere. 

Other crystals

I watched the Dark Crystal last evening as part of Thanksgiving Day festivities. It seems to be a magnificent allegory for the shadow and light side of things coming together. The two young Gelflings were a lovely portrayal of the innocent childlike ability to find the way, get the directions and to strike the lost shard of the crystal into the crystal and bring, light, healing and wholeness. One thousand years of peace was the promise, otherwise the evil Skeksies would continue to rule for another thousand years sucking the strength from the slaves and servants. Some think we are at that time now of wrenching ourselves into the fourth dimention, for those who are ready, to practice those things of the fourth dimension, like peace, patience, love and understanding. I am trying to de-potentiate that part of me that is Skeksie, but it often feels that rat that had a serious hold on my hand in one of my dreams. The deep inside is not easily dislodged. My meditation mentor mentioned that quote from Jesus about sinning no more, least something worse come into you to be dealt with. I reach up daily in meditation for that light. 

We drew mandalas after the movie and that opened some lovely conversations and may be there was a dream included. I seem to have depicted a number of shards of my own. There is a squaring of the circle motif also. I tried to not interfere with what wanted to happen, paying attention and yet not interfering too much with my frontal cortex engaged in chat and ended with a product with the crystal clear colors. Clean oranges and yellows predominate. See above.

This morning I am moved to make some representation of my hip and some tooth issue emerging and ended up with the picture above.  I had no idea it would end up as the turkey it is. I seem to be caught in the turkey, which is making me laugh. Laughing is always good. 

I am introspective in the morning for these past two days. I feel good now. May you go forth in thanksgiving for everything that life brings to you? As for me and my house, that is, my body, mind and soul, we will serve the Lord. Long may it continue and when the turkey takes over me in more ways than one, may I rush back for Oneness. All is One, One is All, There is only One. I will pray for you lovely readers. May you be in prayer often and I would feel it is a magnificent gift, a bonus for you to pray for me.  Love from Rose.

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