Follow Ur nose = FUN

I just followed my nose and went straight out to the lake instead of taking the corner over the bridge to home and that made all the difference.

There was a lone swan on the lake and I followed it around to try and get a good photo. When my back was turned, the swan became airborne and I heard those huge wings come into my vision and alongside my ears with an ethereal sound of their own. I fumbled with my camera only to miss the landing. It was a beautiful gift of the sound and the big wings beating with such grace in her peripheral vision. There was three other water foul close by the swan on the water. I felt the lonesomeness of the lone swan compared to those three small birds together. They had that white medallion shape along the side of their heads. 

Earlier this year I saw lots of fish roiling in the water and there is a sign up declaring the existence of the fish. There was a fisherman on my side of the lake, sitting in his jeep under the big white beach tree. He often got out to tend to his line but I saw no fish being caught there. 

After photographing the swan, I decided to follow my nose again over to the waterfall and the weir thinking it would be a lovely place to do my PT exercises by the flowing waters. I placed my coat as a yoga mat under me and I enjoyed the whole time singing my prayers, guessing how many I had completed and counting at times with my fingers. 

Water over the Weir

I am a water addict and I kept planning some foray into the water and counting my layers and deciding I could wear the inside layer and plop into the water. The water was bearable for a minute of two, as I lowered myself into the water near the weir where it was a few feet deep and flowing swiftly. After dressing I was regretting not dropping down the whole way so I leaned over the cement ledge and wash off my crown chakra. I entertained getting the back of my neck wet but opted for putting my hands in the water flowing over the weir in the hopes of straightening out my thumbs and washing off the pain of age. It was a lovely thing to do three times. 

Across from the waterfall there were two girls, who were dressed identically and looked like twins. Two little boys also dressed identically played there but looked different ages. A wren and a dog came by also. The owner of the dog said it was an Alaskan husky of some kind and he said the husky was “ancy” and wanted to go for a walk. The wren was barely visible in the hedge. A woman riding a horse was walking on the other side of the lake and stopped briefly to look at the lake. 

We are stars and at our points we connect with each other and can be very close as our starriness fits together with the others.  In meditation we go into the center of the star that is us and become a point of light that opens us to the help we seek. From there we reach the point when we can be of help to others by engaging with the light we find there and we can find the help we also need there and the healing  by engaging with the light we find there, sending it off in prayer in any direction we choose, even to Washington State where someone is trying to conceive a little incoming soul.

Brother Merton is said to have had an experience of the fourth dimension at the corner of 4thand Walnut street in Louisville in Kentucky. When on that street and people he gazed, everyone walking on that crowded Street, was filled with the light of God, and the face of God shone out of them all, on that holy day. This happened to him as a result of his striving for many years to reach God and he got into the star of himself and saw that we are all stars, golden. 

The promise is “I will give you the morning star” if you reach into the center where love resides, at the heart chakra. He got there and was blessed and blessed the others and us with the certain knowledge that all humans are all full of God’s Light. As my father once said in a dream, “We are all the same.” He was in a huge state, marching back and fourth trying to get this fact across to me. Merton was also bereft that the street walkers in Louville could not all see this blessing and be blessed. 

The lone woman rider came back by the lake galloping, with only her head and her horse’s head visible above the bank on a down hill part of the road near the mill. Then she came galloping along the road nearest me, where I fumbled again with my camera, only to miss a good shot of her facing me, as the sun blinded me. I could see then she had some colors close to my colors around her neck. She disappeared along that lake road she shared with the blue car. 

A grandfather came by covered in mud. He said he tried to cross a little stream but his feet slipped on the muddy bank and he went down. He laughed as he noted he was not letting his grandson near the lake water in case he might fall in too. The boy make very quick forays to the lake edge dipping his stick in the lake, before being called back by his muddied mindful grandfather. 

I am working on my dreams and the one about the needle came back and I caught a wind of the story of Sleeping Beauty as it trailed by me, almost loosing the awareness of it. Sleeping Beauty got a prick of some kind. Then she went asleep for a long time. I am trying to prevent getting the prick. So I do not fall asleep for the next twenty years before sailing off into the galaxies, looking for the boats headed for the streams of light. As Rumi, the Eastern Poet said “Do not go back to sleep.” It is a struggle to stay awake and keep the awareness coming in. 

After the dip

May you stay awake, may your dreams be clear, may you see the parallels in them, may you connect to what they are pointing at and find your way into more awareness. I look forward to your likes and comments and contact me if you would like a session with dream counseling. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose. 

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