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The Ark

Our past within our family of origin has a big impact on us. It is easy to not be aware of how it affects our thinking and how it floods us with yearnings for what cannot be. Continue reading

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I had a wonderful afternoon at Silver Lake in Dayton, Virginia just enjoying the sound of water, being alone, doing some PT and dropping into the water for a short time on a lovely Sunday Afternoon.
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Did Mariah Want Gold or Healing

  There is nothing I shall want, she said, as she stared at the place on the counter where the bag of gold used to be. She was practicing letting go of this and that, mostly that gold. It was … Continue reading

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Snake Dreams

Everyone has those snake dreams. Some bite us in unmentionable places or on the hands. Snakes are associated with instinctual energy and the appearance of a hostile snake, or a hostile animal, may mean we are going against what is … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Mariah had a feeling he was on his way home because the crow in the tree above her was talking non-stop. Uisneach appeared soon thereafter but he did not bring back her quilt, the one he sailed away on at … Continue reading

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