Hands of Light – Wheels of Light

In the Arboretum. Photo by Miriam McNamara.

I am reading a book which is full of stories about God/god images in dreams. It is a feast for my dream brain. I dreamed last night that God is holding my hand, and is represented as a very tall man. He gets down to my level, on to his hunkers, asking me why I am late. He means that I am late to the table of spirit. I am trying to hurry up with all I know about it, getting briefly excited and then my laziness at following through with connecting inward. I could be wrong about this but the next dream will correct me

A beautiful building in Washington. All those mandalas together shimmering in the sunshine. I saw the building while driving to airport to pick up Miriam.

As I may have shared I am having some physical therapy for my hands, as there is a certain amount of pain associated with using my thumb and sometimes my other fingers. Turning a doorknob can be a consideration at times. I massage oil into them often. After the fifth session with my physical therapist for hands,  my hands are feeling a little better at last. She had all kinds of strategies for improving movement and uses ultrasound, some instrument and more recently a thick elastic bandage to tie my hand stiffly in place and then to bend it this way and that. She also catches my fingers as we talk and causes me to hold my breath. I am reluctant to stop talking up a storm with her about dreams and other things so I direct a word or two toward her at times relating to the pain. She might ease up a little then. She manages a lot of pain in a little time. Most of the other time it is blissful attention from her cool tender hands and inner beauty.  

I told her the following dream, which I shared at the end of my last blog, as there is the image of a hand in it. It went as follows: I dream that a woman dressed in green says something I do not catch and when I ask her she makes a point of not repeating herself.

My inner child is caught between the goddesses. The figure on the left was supposed to be a God image but came out more like a Goddess. I am standing on the little yellow alter. The Goddesses are not concerned with my dirty face or where I am standing.

I see in my active imagination about the dream that from her hand comes colors, clouds of blue, green indigo and violet.  I have known for a long time about hands on healing and that there is a light chakra in the hand. I have had tender healing many times in my life given to me as a gift. I understand there are seven main chakras down through the trunk of the body and head but that there are chakras in the hands and all over the body remains out of my consciousness and a secret to me most of the time. Lack of health, that is pain in any  area, means the wheels are a little cockeyed, slowed down or reversed. 

These ancient wheels grace the landscape at Avalon Farm

In my active imagination with my dream, where I sat down and continued the dream in my imagination, there are colors; blue, green, indigo and violet coming out of the palm of the woman’s hand. I had to insist I get an answer from her. Her green color connects her to the spring and is the color associated with the heart chakra and love. My attention to her tells me that she needs to show me about this healing hand thing, for a possible strengthening and healing of my hands. Using the hands as healing hands, for me, will bring healing as I have a new purpose for using them.

Flowing water is always compliments of the Goddess. This river is at Avalon Farm near Broadway in Virginia.

In meditation this week, I almost missed something. It was as if two hands placed a cup on my breastbone. I was busy thinking about, who knows what, when it happened. It took me a while to see the cup was full of dark liquid. I tried to escape this fact. That is the nigrado of Alchemy and I am required to turn it to gold slowly but surely, by the way I live my life.  Carl Jung at the end of his life had a dream that the big tree in his yard had roots of gold. 

These beautiful beach trees surely have golden roots too, as the stream flows nearby.

As a result of having my dreams above, for the one about the woman, I continue to work with bringing health back to my hands and also to using my hands as a way to give healing energy to others, whether as massage, drawing while in counseling session with an other, or just as a way to express empathy by touching another. As a result of having the one about the man/God, I am working with dreams and art all the time. I will do more personal mandala as a response to that dream(see mandala above.)

I hope you enjoy my art and photos that I put on my blogs. If you would like to work with such things, you can contact me through this media as I am on Psychology Today where you can find my name and read all about my qualifications and get in touch with me through them. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose. 

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