Farmer’s Dreams

In the Labyrinth

The initiation rights in Greece and Egypt were a scary affair. You would be dropped down into an underground labyrinth, black dark, no food or water and snakes around for eleven days. There was a period of twenty years of preparing for this. I would not like it. It reminds me of Daniel and the lion’s den and other such stories from the Bible. If we were to believe these stories, you would have to have a good rapport with the light to survive in the above cases. Surely I can get a hold on this light without going through that.

An old water color painted in the nineties when I had Margot Bergman for my teacher.

I thought of the lowest chakra, the root chakra, as in the bowl, a bowl in the pelvis. Now I have to consider it as an upside down bowl, facing down to the ground, plugging into the earth mother goddess energy available to us from below. A source of electricity, white light, with out any stations, wires or plugs, sitting right under our feet. Its equivilant sits as a bowl over our head connecting us to sky.

One of the exercises in Qigong is called “Jade Dragon weaves around the body.” In these exercises, I went ahead this morning and imagined that green energy coming up from the ground and also blue coming down from the sky and weaving around my body. The blue and green colors were like that marble cave that exists in South America.  It felt good, tightening.

Feet plugging in to the earth.

Our feet are our plug in to the Earth Mother. My birth religion honors the mother as Mary but we did not connect her to the whole birthing of the earth thing and the abundance to be found here. I am aware of it more now in the Springtime, where the streams of light are very active sending spring into its beautiful spin. I could feel that spin in the arboretum, giving me a feeling or a spin within my center. It is a very relaxing buzz, compliments of mother nature.

I asked for dreams in the market this morning. One farmer said that he used to have nightmares when he was younger and pulled his wife out of the bed at that time thinking she was part of the dream. I wanted to mumble about past lives but it did not get said. Now he says he is happy and satisfied, and has no more nightmares. I told him to be happy and content but not satisfied. It is part of this life to keep the candle lit and the wick trimmed, a metaphor for keeping in touch with developing a closer walk with Spirit, with the help of dreams.

Marvelous mandala

The other dream given to me was of a tarantula that morphed into a hand and then there were two of them kissing each other and they went off together. The color of the tarantula was different and when I mentioned abuse from the past the dreamer said she was working on herself for a long time. I thought the dream related to the abuse moving out of the psyche. The Self had structured this dramatic situation based on a father complex that was being worked on by her waking self. This dramatic situation came as a compensation for her work around a complex and was given to her by the Self through a dream to release her form old hurts.

Old abuse issues can be hard to move on without help from the dreams and therapy.

The dream has the effect of putting her into an altered state, is an altered state, that allows the body/brain to take out, let go of such abuse. This dream was given to her by her Self as a way to do something with such difficult feelings from the past. I asked her to draw a mandala to show the progression of the dream. 

A mandala from the ’80’s by Rose

A mandala can be drawn by taking a plate the size of your face, drawing a circle and without any judgments, make your best effort to fill the page with color, going with what ever line you feel like drawing, what ever color strikes your eyes as you go through.

This plant died off but is back again for the spring times.

Another dream was from a farmer who reported that both he and his wife had the same dream of their clock alarms going off. He blew it off, as they had to get up early for market and the dream was a “nothing but” to him. Many people, who do not want to take responsibility for a deeper walk with spirit, sweep dreams under the carpet. I felt the dream had two meanings. The first is there are alarms going off for both the people involved. This should be heeded. The second is the call to wake up as in wake up to the spiritual in everything. From former dreams I was told by this farmer, he has written a book and he delays with taking it out there, fearing it will not be accepted. A former dream gave him a depiction of Mole Hill being covered with chicken houses and he did not like this idea much. He really wants people to wake up to how the earth is not treated with respect and he would like to focus on that.  As a way to honor that dream he/they could go about publishing his book. 

The book held back

I made the food I saw in a dream a while ago. I made a polenta, corn, cut it in slices, covered it with cooked eggplant sauce (tahini mixed in), placed a pile of sprouts on top and put beans on top of that. In the dream, black beans were involved but I am using up my great northern ones and the black beans will have to wait. So far I like it a lot and it agrees with me having lots of lovely fiber, flavor, vitamins and a good tasty bite.

Art work by Annabeth McNamara to be found on Patreon, her music platform.

I hope you are having dreams that are waking you up and that you are carrying that out into your life by doing something as a result of having the dream. I will try and take my own dreams seriously, and not be a “nothing but” person.

I am sure we were discussing a dream with the Golden Temple in the back ground.

Love from Rose.

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