Mariah and the Ants

Spring time flowers

Mariah was watering her plants as some had become very dead looking. She checked on two violets and found that although the pot felt heavy and full of water, when she pushed her finger into the clay it was as dry as a desert. So she went about watering and poking into the depths of those plants.

The ring of the tulip

The biggest plant, essentially a tree, which she inherited from her mother, Moriah, was in need of a watering. It was in a corner and she put a half a bucket of water onto it. It was dry and the leaves were droopy.

Yellow bushes

She noticed there were four extra suckers coming up around the main stem and she went about cutting them off. She eyed the whole plant to see if a trim all over was in order. It was then she noticed that the plant seemed to have come alive. There was a stream of ants climbing up the main trunk all in a row, about three deep, and most of them carrying little white eggs. They were trying to escape the deluge of water Mariah had put into the pot. Mariah though there were some kind of aphids on the plant that they were after but then realized she was the culpit in this case, for drowning the poor plant. The pot itself was covered in ants also and at the bottom of the pot there was a mote of water, created by this watering, preventing them from escaping.

Blossoms everywhere

Some had flung themselves onto the ground and others were going up her leg and there were a few in her hair from when she tried to cut off one sucker, when she first noticed that there was a panic going on with the ants. She pulled the whole thing out of doors, as it was not so frosty any more and she hope the ants might go away and the ants in the kitchen problem might be solved.

The tree is filled with light

That night as she meditated she through of those ants going up and down the trunk of the little tree, in two straight lines and she thought of her own trunk and the energy going up the left side of her spine called the ida and the other side called the pingula. The trunk of the little tree was like the marrow going up her back bone, the susuma, looking all white in and of themselves. She could feel some light going up her backbone, some hint of movement as she lay there, an expansiveness melting her out of the confines of her body.

She was connecting the red of that first chakra with this lovely light coming from below, from Mother Earth. The white light from above, interlaced with the violet of the highest chakra beckoning her into the connection between above and below, between her highest and lowest chakras. If she wanted to heal with her hands she could throw out these combinations of lights on others and consider how the lights were blinking in the other person. She was not too sure of how she would get it all to work but she was determined to get her hands working in the right way so that the terrible arthritis creeping on her fingers, wrists and thumbs could be released.

As soon as Mariah made up her mind to use her hands in this way, her friend came knocking on the door looking for some healing, as she had bumped her head on a log and the dwarves had warned her not to do that as the last time she hit her head, she got a terrible headache. Mariah gave her a lovely cup of tea made from clover and other sweet herbs and put a cold stone on her forehead and held it on with an apron and its strings. She looked a little strange, as that stone slipped down over her cheek but she pushed it back up and it held in place. Mariah was not sure of how all this healing would go but remembered other healers who had worked on her. She put one hand on her friend’s head and the other toward the sky and asked for help from the Spirit above. After the tea was drank, her friend asked for another healing and Mariah obliged in the same way again and that was that. When she was gone Mariah flicked her fingers to let go, finish off the healing session. She sat out and played some music and enjoyed a cool evening with a rug around her shoulders and a pot of tea nearby.

The red and white of the tulips.

Later that evening she burned her pot full of vegetables on her stove and it filled the house with black smoke. She was distracted by a friend out on the lane and stood talking to her for an hour. As she came inside again she realized she had put some very hard turf on the fire and the pot was burned and the vegetables were in cinders. The smell permeated all her clothes, and everything in the house. Could it be connected to the impromptu healing session with her friend? She lit some fragrant wood and opened up the ceiling window and hoped for the best. Three days later she was still lighting incense to heal the whole house of the smell. Uisneach said it was nothing to do with the healing and that she was getting dotty for burning her pot and should be more careful. Careful, careful, she said to herself and do not be rattled by his comments. She was determined to go on with getting the energy into her hands and to sending it out to help with healing others and her own self in the process, regardless of a little black smoke. It was a small price to pay for getting her hands to dip in the light. The end.

If you too are interested in the things of the spirit, you like Mariah, can meditate into what is possible for you, what you are make of, what healing you can do, and what dreams mean. It is easy to contact me through this site or through Psychology Today. I look forward to working with you where every session brings healing to me and to you.

Love from Rose. 

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