Pots and Pans

My favorite of the tulip pictures

The storm woke Mariah up with a great crash through her open window, before two am and a slight tremor went through her bed. The racket of the thunder storm and blinding lightening continued for a while, slowly subsiding as she became fully awake. She thought that it would be a good time to meditate. She was looking for that throb in her hands and fullness in her head to indicate it was time to send out light and love and healing to her family and others she was working with. 

Tulips coming up out of the ground sporting all kind of hues.

She did not want to forget either, that feeling that she had of coming up out of her body like a snake shedding her skin, the last time she meditated. It was visceral and a little frightening. Then she got really small and felt like a little person within her big toe. Meditation experiences were like dreams; they fell back into the unconscious if they were not spoken of quick and soon. At the same time it was useless to crow about them as the experience of meditation was a living-moving thing, always changing. 

Climbing up out of herself into a oneness with the Spirit.

Mariah had not seen Druid Bernie for a month or so. She knew he would be at a group on the full moon and she could hope to see him then if not before. Maybe if she started cooking his fine nose would lead him to her house. But not today, as she was drawn outside. 

She found herself a little person in her big toe.

When she walked outside the ground was puddle-luscious after the storm and the birds were scattering drops of water all over themselves having a fine wash in blue reflective pools. She though she might go to the river herself and immerse herself in the streams of water and the streams of light and healing that went through that water. She knew that she could not go wrong with lying on a rock as the water rushed past. As she lay there perhaps she would see the spin in her chakras, those places, power stations, designed to work her into an deep understanding of the spiritual and all that implied while alive on this earth. There were so many promises about this possibility and so little real attention paid to such delicate affairs, as healing, as auras and seeing around the corners of herself.

More people were stopping by her home since she got word out that she was always open to dreams and stories. Mariah welcomed an artist who told Mariah a story about her dying dog. This dog was the one with whom she had a special connection. The dog was a nuisance but he climbed over that into the green space in her heart in a very familiar way and she could only describe her feelings for her dog as love, understanding and peace, giving her infinite patience with the dog in spite of his nuisance value.  This woman artist said that her dog was dying but she did not know it. In that period just before the dog died, while she sat with her dog, she experienced a strange rushing in her head and felt shakey for a day or so afterwards. 

Tulips in bloom always brought the Druid Bernie back home

Mariah thought that the dog was in the act of leaving his own body and that this dog brought this experience to the woman so she would know that the spirit leaves the body through this chakra called the Pineal, which resided in the head as an upside down pine cone.  The noise and feeling of rushing energy through the artist’s head indicated that she was in sympathetic feeling with her dog who was preparing to leave his body. The owner of the dog was relieved to find someone with whom she could discuss this strange movement of energy. She worried about mental and physical health, when it was just a spiritual experience of the departing of her beloved dog.  

This dog loved everyone and most everyone loved him.

Mariah was learning the way of this energy from the Druid, and from some old scrolls he read to her. She would check in with him to see if she was right about this movement of energy and this connection about the dog. She felt she was getting some intuition of her own, even as she could be wrong when ever she was overthinking or just worrying. 

Overthinking and worrying

Mariah went to see her group of women friends for dream group and she told them about how Uishneach always put the lids of the pots on the wrong shelf. Mariah seemed to forget this complication and would go looking for the pot lids in all kind of places before finding them where Uishneach usually put them. She had to stop herself in her tracks to redirect her thoughts into a few prayers for Uishneach in order not to create some very bad vibes. She was trying to practice that cardinal rule of loving the enemy. He was not exactly the enemy but in that lid moment it was close to the enemy edge.

Uisneach wondered where to put things so Mariah would not fuss at him.

As the group talked Mariah told them about the pot she burned. She was distracted by a neighbor and forgot this pot. It was burned black as soot. She could not find the right lid for the pot that time either. The lid, which she placed on the pot upside down, because it was so big, had a thick layer of blackness scumbing up the top of the lid. 

There was smoke everywhere and the smell stayed for three days.

It was then that Mariah realized that there was more to the lids than a little fume about something in the wrong place. It sat on top of steam coming up from the pot of her, on top of old hurts about gold and spending her gold in old mines that were impossible to mine. She held a grudge, which found a way to erupt, in burnt pots and mislaid lids.

Burned pots and mislaid lids.

Her mother’s words about burning the “arse of the pot” came back to Mariah and she mumbled about burning up her own arse and her own pots. The image of the arse and the pot burning, and it all inside her made everyone laugh a lot. Mariah remembered that anger uses the energy of the first chakra and that that inside fire would burn her up, in more ways than one. She would have to take some mud to the pots and some good scrubbing to bring them back to shining again and refocus her thoughts and emotions to change her inner self. The end. 

The weather is glorious here in Virginia in this mid April time. Rose’s mood is good and she is sitting out looking at all the lovely tulips in bloom. She made a mandala with the oil pastels and you see the results and she photographed the red tulips from many angles all up and down this blog.

I had a lovely dream in the night and wrote it up in my dream leaflet book so I would not loose the feeling and the detail of the dream. There was a question in the dream for me. “What state are you in?” It is a good question for anyone to answer. Please call to do some inner work, some dream work. I look forward to hearing from you.

At the river Wayne earlier in the year.

Love Rose.

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