The heart chakra opening in and through a dream

It was the best of times, as I went to Rawley Springs, where the national Park surrounds Riven River. The river was full to the brim of tumbling water, in a great rush out of the mountains. I already had my dream. It was Easter Saturday and I had the day to myself so I brought my water colors with me and sat in the sunshine, under lacy trees with my cup of river water and my two paintbrushes.

Some people think these rocks were part of a huge temple complex in the far past.

I tried to let the paintings paint themselves, in that I did not plan and I did not fret. I closed my eyes and let my brush and my hand go in any direction as I listened to the water below me. I was sitting on the higher bank. I did three pictures one after the other, picking colors and shapes that came to my liking or to my moving hands.

Painting by the river under a tree.

I remember thinking “Do not tell me I have to outline in black” as I knew that that would take a while. I compromised and said I could surround the edges with the black lines. In no time I had all three covered in black outlines. I feel the pictures are gifts from the unconscious and came to complement my recent dream.

The beautiful delicate pink on the rocks in the river is stunning.
I so wanted to climb onto this rock but did not risk it on my own.

The dream came the night before around the time I usually meditate. It was after a three hour yoga class the evening before in which it was suggested that we concentrate on the heart area and see a flame burning in there.  At 2.00 am, I was tired and did not want to wake up much. I found myself singing my mother’s Sweet Heart of Jesus hymn in my head and thinking I must learn the second verse.

A gnarly tree at Riven Rock

I fell asleep and had this dream. I am in bed with my intimate other and we are very close and entwined and moving, just rooling together. He asks me “What state do you want to be in.” and I see a light between our hearts, bright and three dimensional, as big as a grapefruit. As I became awake a feeling is going through my breasts to the depth of about an inch all around the nipples and into the breast. It felt as if it was three dimensional and moving out of me as I became more aware. 

Hearts in the water

When I associated to the dream, I have to confess that within recent lovemaking I though of bringing different chakras together, in order to make a link to the energies involved. I envisioned the energy from my first chakra travelling into his second chakra and the same for him. Then both energies would travel up together, within each of us and meet at the heart and or head. It was a little intention in the moment, satisfying but not momentous. There was a physical rooling quality to that time, that was a bit different.

Water rolling over the rocks.

The question is asked about what state I wanted to be in. I associate this to a state of grace that is often mentioned within my mother’s religion. The gift of the feeling in the thoracic region, the feeling of energy moving through me resulted in me writing (in my dream trifold – Longworth December 2011, leaflet) as follows:

The rocks was so beautiful in the sunshine with the pink coming through

I will help you get up to be at my sunrise every  morning. I will be with you at the 2.00 am hour. I will be with you in your getting up and in your lying down. I will be with you in your listening. I will be with you in your pondering. I will well up in your heart filling you with the milk of human kindness. I will never forsake you. Just be there and I will walk with you everywhere.” 

The path was covered in pine needles and lovely to walk on.

In the space in the above leaflet for “Changes that are needed to achieve my goals” I wrote the following: “Asking for help with my greedy blind side to be replaced with an open heart to my body – love for this marvelous machine that totes me around. Relaxing down my body into a slowness of the feminine side, leaning back into a male side that is encouraged by her attention.” 

In the dream the connection with the male side is positive and is asking a helpful question. The inner animus is uniting with my feminine side and both together bring the light at the heart center. The Book of Revelations promises the “Morning Star” as the gift of this church or center. The feeling that went through my chest is a bonus to me as it was visceral, never felt before feeling going through me. It was not of the body but using my heart center to bring down this feeling into my chest area, where the heart shape, the heart chakra resides.

A perfect angle between tow rocks was fascinating to look at

Finally I want to tell you there is a path, not long, straight up from the parking lot beside Riven River, that brings me up to path beside the huge square stones. I had to get up and see them again. Coming down could have been an issue for my knees, but I had a jacket full of stuffing on me and I set it down on the ground, and it slid on the pine needles all the way down.

Standing in the water.

I had a stout stick to help me climb up. A young man, on the way up recognized me and said my old name, offering help. I was fine I said.  He had his bedding with him and asked if I had seen the big stones? A delightful time all around, by the river and above the river. 

I got into the water twice. I stayed in the shallower places placing myself between rocks.

And if you want to look at a dream and consider how you might get into your heart, that honey hive in the chest, you can schedule an appointment with me at my home office, where I am ready and waiting with my art supplies, my experience of many years and my prayers, to take a look to get you into your beloved place, inside, always ready to help you find your true way in spirit and in truth. The dreams will not fail to bring you into your own wholeness.

Love from Rose

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