Chakra Experiences – The Heart

Dream version as she leans back on the dream image below

In the kitchen of my childhood home there was a picture of “The Sacred Heart.” It was a picture of Jesus standing, and out from his heart, a light shining through each bar, radiating. In each prong of light were the promises of Jesus. We never read those lines, and did not have anyone read them to us as children. When electricity came to our house, with a rural electrification scheme, my mother positioned a little cross that stayed lit all the time at the base of this picture.

My mother had great devotion to the Sacred Heart. One of her favorite mantra/prayers, was “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in thee.” Her countenance would change into an introspective look, and she would whisper it a little to herself. It reminds me of the women, who came to me for counseling, complete with interpreters and would reference God with some words in a foreign language, and look upwards, wave a hand spirally upwards, as they said their prayer.

Rose leans back on this dream person

Before my dream, shared in last blog, in which I experienced a feeling, a movement of energy, through my chest region, I was already writing about The Goddess and mindful of the bounty of Spring as expressed in the trees and flowers on my street.

I was connecting it to the heart chakra also. The end result is a poem about the energy, about bringing in that energy into my backbone, about the archetype of Mary, Kundalini all rolled into one. That there is the possibility to experience this energy within my chest region came as a gift to me, following my intentions to be more in love with a particular person and with life in general. This is what I strive for, what I want to write about, what I want to meditate into, to be silenced into the receiving of such sacred bounty.   

I have been painting at the river, at home and at meetings.  Our ability to paint goes back many thousands of years, and may have a much stronger effect on us than the written word, which is said to be more recent development in our pre-historic journey. So I hope you too can be affected by images that appear in these pages.  I hope these images have a way to help with bringing you closer to an understanding of what you are made up of, where you are going and where you are from, a way to feel into that ambrosia of the soul that can go through us in the most unexpected ways, through our chakra system.

Like near death experiences or out of body experiences, they are profoundly felt, never forgotten and influence life in a new way thereafter. They are not of the physical body but the physical body has the chakra, the electric station, and the place for such energy to flow and to be felt. It is sacred and is of the heart. 

The Goddess birthed the sky

In her blue flying mantle

Galaxies are her diamonds

Hail Holy Maker

Of me a little woman

In mulieribus unum*

Gives me a rainbow arc

Over the heart

Out into the arms

Milk of human kindness

For growing babies

For greying skin and kin

Goddess coming through

Standing stone circles

Lighting up the standing cross

Maker of my imperfect bones

Shaper of all that is sacred

The Milky Way

A white band

Laced with stars

Infinity, electricity.

Down my swaying back

Weaving into my flesh

Horsetail down my flanks

Both ways at once

Circling around

And up and down

Way below the heels

Each strand carrying

Streams of life

Into the red earth

Out into the blue

Through her green heart

**A lifting balloon.

*Latin phrase in Holy Mary Prayer, which translates to “Among Women.” **Once I experienced in meditation, in about 2002, a feeling of a balloon blowing up in my chest area.

Doodle of the speaker.

I am still seeing some people in my home office and the numbers are increasing, which feels wonderful, as it is my mission to work in my home office with dream counseling. I had two workshops planned also.

I also work at the Center for Marriage and Family Counseling where I do individual counseling and a couple of Anger Management Groups each week. I love this work and sometimes I feel a little over the top, working too much, but mostly there is time to write and enjoy a movie or two, clean up the house, fight with the ants and anyone else that is around, and meditate and exercise lots of times each week.

I had an impulse today to give my vacuum away to the second hand store. I realized I did not clean the carpets much, as taking it out was such a chore. It feels so good to let it go. I cleaned out some leaves out of a drain spout and within seconds, the water went rushing down the spout. During the storm yesterday, before I let that water go, I stood under that flow of water flowing over the top of the gutter, onto me yesterday . The weather is warm enough to stand in the rain and not freeze. A little baptism always suits me. 

Until next time, Love from Rose.

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