Mariah’s Head in the Sand

Trying to remember a dream

Mariah had a fitful night but slept well enough after meditation when she saw a great golden staircase and an inviting angel standing there. She felt herself turn in a liquid gold spin around and she hoped she was the right way up now. When she got up she considered going out to get some mint and rhubarb stalk to help with the morning ablutions. 

Her hair was a mess that morning

She did not want her intestines to go back to sleep for another day or two so she threatened them with a sour stalk of rhubarb, boiled in water and swallowed quickly. She was sure that would avert that tendency to go back to their safe place, swallow up the drugs of inertia and not be called upon to move for a few more days.  

That rhubarb was sour

She had to stop drinking the monster pots of tea and was replacing the marvelous black leaf from Africa with a little pale green mint leaf from the bottom of her garden where the herbs grow. She also put on a pot of vegetables, to be sure of the inner clean and clear going ahead. 

The moment the cat saw the mouse

She sat out to eat her oatmeal and her sprouts and nuts and seeds and three dates. She was wondering what she looked like as she had broken her mirror a few days ago. The cat had run up the wall after a mouse and she had a shoe in her hand. She threw it at the mouse in an effort to help the cat but she missed the mouse and it hit into her one and only mirror. She had a great expense and time wait to get this mirror. Now it was in a lot of very little pieces, the biggest of which was useless to see her face.

The mirror was in many pieces

She pushed her food around her plate as she chewed and chewed and came up with a few different faces for herself, at which she smiled. She wondered about those hairs on her chin and thought she would have to go see the dwarf of the chin hairs to have a few removed. 

The nuts were a little burned but tasted lovely

Today was the day to go to the hedge school, the weather was good and she had a few questions to ask of Druid Bernie. He was quick to ask her how she was doing with her errant thoughts. She told him of her friend who would not share her dream with Mariah because it was so profound. Mariah was a bit miffed at her and went around telling the story in her head of how her friend did not recognize Mariah or her ability with the dreams. Druid Bernie said if he had a stick he would surely hit Mariah up the side of the head with it in order to tell her once again not to get into any such rivalries with her sister friend and to pray for her until the pain of pride left her and she could go on with her life without having to be right in this case. She would be better off looking at her own dream.

Mariah was a little mad at her friend.

Mariah had the dream of finding lots of jewelry in the sand, and quickly picked up a group of rings and hid them away without looking at them. She did not see if they had value. She did not want to have anyone come by and claim them away from her. There was also other jewelry, slim earrings, silver maybe left behind by the people who were swimming in the ocean. She did not see the water but felt they were left behind, and the people long gone to whom they belonged. Mariah had done a meditation before this dream and had asked for the dream before going back to sleep at first light. She did not remember it first thing when she woke up but it came back to her in the kitchen as she readied the corn meal and sprouts for breakfast.  The corn meal and sprouts came from a previous dream, which she felt was telling her what to eat. She did feel good on that fare. 

The Druid though she might be stealing from herself relating to the jewelry above. Such stealing often goes on when we do not recognize the spirit in ourselves and there is a wrong use of energy. That silly jewelry would do her no good but listening to the voice within that would tell her not to be minding such baubles in the sand but to take her head out of the sand and find the delicate path through her own desert. It would need very careful attention from her, as she wants to move forward.  

Her head in the sand

She had a good day and in the evening there was music and great cheer at the crossroads and she could feel herself turning around the right way as she spun in and out in the ceile circle dance. In between times she asked everyone for dreams. She heard the dream of chewing the mint and putting it down as a boundary against evil spirits, and singing a beautiful chant as well. The dreamer knew the chant and woke up singing it. At the Ceili the young dreamer took time out to do a call and response with her sister friends and everyone was spell bound. And there was the dream of going on a long journey and not knowing whether to start out from a low place or a high place. Finding the middle way might be in order, the Druid said. The end. 

And if you want to work on your dreams you can check me out on Psychology Today and find my credentials relating to counseling. Some of the dreams above are my dreams and some belong to others. Few people get away from me without letting me have a dream. After the yoga class on Monday Night at the Center here in Harrisonburg, run by Siri Amrita, I felt particularly intuitive when later I went to my dream group of many years. The yoga class was devoted to developing intuition and I thought I could see the dreamers as they walked through their dreams and I thought I could feel into the meaning for each person involved. It is what I hope to do best and sometimes do do best.

My broken selfie feature on my phone puts me into a mist of sorts.

Love from Rose.  

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