Bee’s Knees

Molly, the Quilter in the Farmer’s Market produced this bee lovely pillow cover

Mariah had a dream of the knees. She thought she was awake. But she was dreaming. She is sleeping tight in the spare room the night of the dream. She went there the night before to busy herself for a while, as Uishneach was quietly snoring and she did not want to wake him by puttering. With a sleepless head on her, her hair wild from tossing and turning, she drank some hot liquids, went over a story or two.  She sang a few songs quietly and said a few prayers and finally put out the candle, and was quickly off to sleep. 

Her hair was a mess from tossing and turning

In her dream she is with Uishneach in their marriage bed and she is poking with her fingers into her knees, like the fingers can go into the bones and she becomes conscious as she comes awake in the dream and thinks, oh no, I will wake up Uishneach with all this movement. Then she really did wake up and was in the act of leaving the bed to not disturb Uishneach, when she realizes that she was in the other room, where she sleeps on the floor, on some cushioning. She pondered her dream as she pulled her feet back under the blankets where she poked into her knees in a new way hoping to send in some light and love and healing with her fingers.

Fingers sat the bottom her nose

Next day she was making a rhubarb pie. This springtime there were many stalks and they finally were getting big enough to pull to make into a lovely pie filling. She thought of the druid visiting, and hoped he might come by and listen to her dream. He could help her eat this pie with some whipped up cream. Having a pie on hand for unexpected visitors was a great achievement according to Mariah’s mother.

The pie took a while to pull together

Sure enough, the Druid did poke his head around the door, as she was cutting the rhubarb into little pieces. He had a pocket of wild strawberries, which he got on the banks of the lanes on his morning walk, to add to the pie and to cut the tartness of the rhubarb. She had some sweetener also to make it into a blessed drooling syrupy desert.

Happily working on the pie

As she rolled out the dough to make the pie crust, the Druid settled by the fire encouraging it into a great heat to hit that pie rightly, to make the crust just crisp, melt in the mouth and to blend those sweeteners, the strawberries and the rhubarb. He blew some air, got more kindling, looked for hard black turf to get to the right heat for the pie. He talked of his mother and of how she helped him make a good fire when he was a little boy. The fire was just right by the time the pie was ready, with the crust high around the sides, pinched and fluted, pulled forward and pulled back at the edges. There was a small hole with a few crust pieces shaped like leaves and tucked into that steam porthole in the center.  

The druid looking into the fire

As they sat around the fire nursing the pie to fruition, he pocking coals nearer, or pulling them back as needed and she lifting the lid to see it was going in a safe direction toward being cooked. Nothing raw and nothing burned was the necessity.As so it was, that when that pie make it onto the table it was as close to perfect as could be. The cream was whipped, the tea was brewed, the plates were ready and waiting. There was a glorious silence while they ate.

After this time Mariah proposed to tell him about her dream and he said go ahead. She went into all the details but the Druid appeared to be asleep as he listened, nodding this way and that. Then he awakened with a start and said “I was sure I was awake but I was just having a dream.” He did not tell her what he was dreaming and make no comment on her story of her dream. He said “Be sure to come to the next meeting of full moon in a few days. I will talk to your dream then.” She sent him off with some oatcakes and said she would see him soon and he was gone through the hedge leaving only an aroma of the pie in the air and none left for Uishneach when he came home later. The end.

The tomato wedge came in handy for a mouth

Rose is having a fine spring inhabiting her outdoor spaces for meals and exercises whenever she can. She is having fun spring cleaning, wiping off countertops with soap and water to clean away the tracks of the ants and making sure food is put away all the time. There was no evidence of the ants lately but she left a slice of tomato on the counter top overnight and there were a number of ants caught in the liquid part beside the seeds. On the round backside of the tomato wedge there were three ants asleep that woke up and skedaddled when she poked them with her finger. She washed the tomato off and sliced it into her salad. It was mostly tasteless, which is why she had not finished it off the day before.  

And if you want to consult with me about three dreams, be sure to write them down and bring them through the little opening in the big hedge, leaving behind something and coming into the reality of your unconscious and what wonderful flowers, in the form of dreams that are being cooked into a lovely pie for you, your own mandalas of all that heals and all that cares about you.

I have an apron on, so I must be doing something.

Love from Rose

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