The Blue Cup

Miss Mariah thinking of doing harm to the ants

Mariah’s dreams had dried up since the last full moon and her hip was looking for a cane to lean on after she pulled it some wrong way while getting over the style recently. Her hip was in no rush to finish paining her as she went around doing half her chores and trying to heal at the same time. The ants were prolific and keeping things cleaned up was more than she could achieve again. Uishneach had taken to yelling at the ants and frightening them in all directions. When he found the ants were lying out beside an open honey jar, taking a comatose rest from the over dose of sugar they got into, he made some sounds from somewhere deep inside him.  She might have laughed at them as they laid on their backs stretched out with their feet in the air, but she was startled herself by Uishneach’s sound and saw the ants wake up suddenly and had to leap into action to save themselves. Mariah did not like to kill things as a general rule but found a few murderous plans in her head, which involved getting some remedy from the dwarves to control the pismires.

The monk with the red face who gave her the blue cup.

Out on the porch she admired her new blue teacup, which she got from a monk dressed in blue with a red face. He was leaning over his upturned  currach, cleaning the bottom, when Mariah saw him. The monk looked lean and hungry and she gave him a lump of her wheel of bread. In between crumbs falling from his mouth, he talked of his adventures out on the ocean for forty days. He thought Mariah was like his grandmother and as he had not spoken to any human for what seemed like a long time, he told her his story, as he sat against his boat. 

The ocean had formidible dimensions, even triangles at times

He said that he walked up and down at Salthill, asking God of the big Atlantic Ocean,  if he would be safe when he set out on his currach to go west on his quest. He wanted some assurance that he would be safe out there on the water. Yet after a time of praying and asking he became less demanding and in this way felt that he would be protected as he never intended to abandon his quest, knowing that God was his dwelling place and that he had trust. He knew it was time to go and accept what ever the water brought him. So he set out on his pilgrimage out over the deep dark waters. The monk slept little over the next few weeks, watched the stars, and the laden skies, the wind and the sun. He told her many dreams and visions before he fell fast asleep.

Out on the ocean it was harder to get physical bearings but easier to get spiritual knowledge

He gave her one of his teacups. He said he would keep one for himself as a reminder of all he learned. It would hold for him the essentials he learned out there on the deep. And the second cup, Mariah asked? The Monk said it was for the first person he met after he came back so he gave it to her to fill with what was essential to know in this life. Mariah though of her seeking and her classes with the Druid and pondered what would she put in there now.

Designs on the blue tea cup

 Maybe… she guessed it would change the more she lived and learned. In the meantime she though it would be very lovely for a cup of tea, laced with sweet honey, and creamy milk and the tea itself smelling of the east and filling her with a good mood. And with that she went as fast as she could to put a cup of tea in front of her as soon as possible, leaving the good monk’s snoring in the distance.  

As she drank her tea and stared into the coals in the fire, she contemplated what was of value to her, in the heel of the hunt, as her mother would say. The only thing of value was to find the way, to have access to the spirit and from there healing and joy and happiness. To take any crosses that came her way, whether pain or perplexing and accept them as needed fare for the journey of the soul. It was of value to constantly ask for help in connecting with this field of value, buying the field, to bring into line that square box of her head place and find the round pearl of great price. 

Dancing around with abandon

She fell fast asleep in the warm silent kitchen in spite of the tea. She dreamed of a woman, with long blonde hair, with an ethereal body, surroundeded with light see through scarves down to the ground. She was standing over Mariah and her cup and out of her hands fell beautiful light, not just filling the cup but running all over the room, filling Mariah with a feeling of comfort, filled up too to overflowing with this beauty and delight. She thought she saw a golden gate in the distance. After she woke up in the cooled off kitchen, she glanced at the cup, with a little pile of black tea leaves in the bottom. Then she looked into that marvelous memory making waves close by, like golden threads full of light in the four corners, and she dancing around in the middle. The end.  

On a recent trip to the James River Park near Lunchburg, where I did yoga with Compass Yoga in Staunton with my daughter. The tree behind my head had seven big trunks.

Like if you do and contact me for dream work if you wish. Your journey over the deep of your own unconscious may just be beginning. Start your own dream journal, and record your dreams to begin this exciting work. I look forward to meeting you through your dreams whether you decide to visit with me in my home office or contact me through e-mail. You can contact me through this site and I am also on Psychology Today as Rose Longworth LPC, Harrisonburg, Virginia, where they will keep your information private and send me an email from you if you wish. Thanks for reading and I pray for my readers and I hope my readers pray for me. God knows I need it. Thanks. Love from Rose.

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