Healing Dreams and Creative Writing

We are at the door that is pretending to be a door. So we left that door and found the round door into the unconscious. 

A bonsai tree put out some leave last week at beginning of February. It was so fun to see them emerge.

All seven of us met and I must have mentioned my pains and aches or we read something about healing that inspired Sherrie to say that she had healing Oil upstairs. Than there was a plan that I should sit on a chair in the middle and they, all seven of them, would pray over me in different ways to heal me and to fill my life with blessing. 

One woman held my knees, and asked if it was my knees that needed the healing. I said “No” that it was my hands, shoulders, fingers, knees and toes, not to mention my back, hips and all the other bones. We laughed a little as the others put hands on my shoulders and on my head and got started. 

I was surrounded by seven.

Earlier in this Bible Study, we talked about asking for healing and that fine point of letting God do the work as opposed to getting into a demanding mode. There is the promise that the Father does hear when the children ask. 

The oil was put on my forehead in the shape of a cross by the retired preacher. He said most of the prayers and his wife also. As they prayed I prayed for the gift of remembering the presence before I counsel anyone.

Mandala with oil pastels

We went out separate ways and that night I has a sense of being told what to do to relieve the suffering and I felt very pleased to be blessed in this way and to be under the wand of Jesus through the seven.

Lines Composed Above the River 2 

A vine wrapped around an iron railing above the waterfall at Silver Lake.

As he danced along behind the Golden Angel, he was held by an invisible cord anchored to him, drawing him away, drawing him out of his every way and into everlasting. She felt more than saw his blindness to her as the vines had grown up and encircled her upside down body hanging there in the foliage by the river. She was no longer hanging dry, but held in the vines looping over the water, hanging her down into the pure crystal stream in full flood from the rains. The water of life surrounded her in its blue power. 

A pink rock in the river. The sky is reflected in the water on the bottom right.

When she looked up through the water, she sees a young woman with long brown hair standing over her concentrating on her forehead with her wand of hazel and her stick of almond, going through her forehead, eking out the hexagonal, rotating her. She sees the white light, six sided in her forehead, surrounded by violet light on all sides, as she watched the woman work her wands, shimmering through the water that lay between them. 

The shimmer in the water

To go no more out, to sit in the light of it about her, freeing her heart, she could hear the clicking of her head wheels into place, clicking as the water dropped, she lay the side of her head and face on the water to better to hear behind the door of it, to better find the words, to better feel the embrace of her Lord, to better hear him say “My Child.” To better bow and say “My Lord.” 

First Dandelion discovered in late January in Hill and Dale Park in Harrisonburg.

A Dream of Doors

She dreamed of the doors. She was in her wooden room. She ran to the door that was not a door and slumped in the corner. Could she go no more out? Then she approached the other door. She tackled the doorknob with her bent fingers. But it’s pretense reverberated up her bones. Then she stood and stared before tackling the wall of wood but it knew no bending out of shape to her size to let her out. She wept bitter tears. She was ready to leave. Then she heard a voice say “my child.” She looked up to see her lord there with outstretched hand before a door that was not a door. Above it was the pyramid of boards in hexagonal shape. She was free to leave her coffin. She follows his light of whiteness and violet sprinkling before his sandaled feet. He brought her to the foot of the mountain by the seven deep watering places. All the voices left her and went up above the ravine that was cut by the river. They sat in the rustling leaves and the silence descended. She was held in an embrace of love and in love with the water of life rushing past them. 

Is it a door?

Lovely Weather 

The weather last Monday was in the sixties. Rawley springs beckoned and I spent some time there enjoying the lovely weather, with many others enjoying the  warm breeze around the river. I had a brief foray into the water and my feet stayed above the temperature of getting numb. There was a red four door trucks there with all four doors open and the driver in the bed of the truck fiddling with fishing tackle. There were other trucks left there while their owners were off hiking. Then there was a little blue truck, the owner of which said he was there to find a note lift by his girlfriend. It was a great day for fun and games. I continued my painting and writing. 

Silver Lake last Sunday – sunny and breezy.

A Wish for You.

I hope your dreams are many. I hope you are recording them and talking to the characters that people them in order to know you the better. I hope they help you understand your mood and your shadow side. I hope you are drawing mandalas with oil pastels and putting some semblance of the unconscious out before you for consideration. 

The wind is always trying to mess with my hair.

If you wish to get some help with this do not hesitate to come see me at my home office, where the mystery of your dreams can be considered, where your instincts can be held, as well as that which you were cut out to achieve in this life here on this little blue globe. Love from Rose.

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