Shadow and Light a Ladder Make

Seeking Wholeness – Knowing our Shadows and Our Light.

Once upon a time there was Darkness over the deep and God said “Let there be light.”

And God made his people out of the clay and after much climbing God’s people were able to appreciate the sunrise, that beautiful light in all directions. They did however forget from where they came.

Shadow. and light

And God said “How will I let them know about Me.”

God consulted with the Devil. After some walking up and down and back and forth, their compromise was to leave man’s knowledge of God in the unknown and man would have to work hard to pull that light into the clay and become a God fellow/woman.

God watched his people with great interest as they struggled with all their might to come to some semblance of oneness working with the shadow and the light. They were visited regularly by the darkness from the unknown both inside and outside.

The People

They were blinded by the light that knocked them off horses and other such events. There were wars, there was peace, illness and health, plague and plenty, there was the best of times and the worst of times.

God’s people, all people, were pleased to be in their own movie, directing it this way and that. Joining with others and others joining with them and things going back  and forth and up and down. Great swinging about in all directions and plenty of mud slinging to make enough tension to spring them up the ladder. God squirted in the light and the Devil the darkness. It was always up to God’s people to slap them together and climb.

Knocked down in the ice

Some of the clay men and women sat down on the mud and asked if they could go backwards back into the mud and they often did, buried eventually. They were surprised at the freedom they got when they left the earth but nonetheless just adored and loved the life on earth. They resolved to come back time and again promising that they would remember the light and promising to gather up the darkness and inject it with light this time around.

And sometimes they realized they have a lot of light to raise and send out to everyone, friend and especially foe and to chastise themselves for there idolatry of the Sauron kind. They seized the chance to pull the darkness up until it was no longer in their own deep. Then they would feel that solidness in their belly, giving out light, carrying light and recognizing that Oneness in light between all of God’s people, no longer them and us but all in this together.

The Sauron Kind

Then they did not forget their job to see God in all others, enemies and friends, Pray for each person they see or think of or mad at or irritated of.  They tried to “Love your enemy” and all souls, and see the moonlight running up and down their spines until the light within lifted them up out of the clay. 

In the midst of the chaos and the confusion and the love and joy some of God’s people slowed down enough to consider many things including their dreams that came to them in the night. Through the dreams they talked to the unknown.

There were great fights depicted between the light and the darkness, being chased and being gagged at the same time. Being locked in mortal combat with an adversary, with a huge darning needle, both trying to impregnate the other. Fighting with the one that has a sharp knife that intends to torture you slowly and to flay you lovingly. What emerged was holy writings and great art pouring out with a flow of light, inventions and love and kindness, loving God with the whole heart and neighbor as thyself.

From the dreams

They could call on God in the silence, letting God open to them. Opening they could listen to God and to see their shadow and their light through the dream characters. They could feel the warmth of the sun on their faces. They could climb Jacob’s ladder out of the mind, out of the mud into the place of silence where their real inheritance from God, the chakra wheels imprinted with the soul, held God’s light within for them.  They could read their Holy Books, listen to the mystics from all persuasions to get help. They could talk to their bellies and insist on the reversal of the chakra wheel from cursing to blessing and step out onto the plateau of God always waiting, not so out of reach. 

They could feel the Dan Tien, the Solar Plexus, setting down, shedding the fears and the anxiety and pouring out blessing and being blessed. Love from Rose.

Harrisonburg News

The weather has been in the seventies and I am soaking up too much sun already. Motor bikes go by with voluminous music blaring above the din of the whine of the bike. The boys across the road in the eight flat house in the residential area are out on the flattish roof above the porch toting dark brown bottles and being happy. One of my visitors fell in the ice a few short weeks ago and while I called him a dead man walking he still walks his walks in the morning chanting. “Oh God My Hearts Desire.”. I am doing telehealth on my dining room table, I am meeting on my porch or in my home office depending on your personal preference. I am hearing great dreams, littered with shadow and light, bullies, getting the last laugh, and other fun considerations.

I got a new chant his morning “Allah Whoo” as I breathed in and out in my Qigong exercises. I was saying it before I heard it. I reminds me of the God out there and God within as I breathe in and out. The other bit of news I want to impart is Air comes in through the lungs, and Prana comes up through the feet from the ground, mother earth. That is all the news from the Friendly City here in Virginia. 

In Santorini in 2019 above the blue Mediterranean Sea

Sending out a prayer for you, May your prana be rising and mixing with the oxygen in your belly bringing you an abundance of balance, energy and peace and new spring sap. Love from Rose.

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