Ralph’s Dream on a Sunday Outing to the Park

Last Sunday I went to Purcell Park in Harrisonburg with a friend and his daughter. I enjoyed seeing my companions climb trees, pine and cottonwood, and watch the beautiful outlines against the cerulean blue sky, as the evening shadows began to fall.

When our time was over in the park I decided to ride by bike back home.  As I left the park I pulled around in front of a house with a tree and a young person sitting outside. I said hello and smiled as I teetered onto my bike. He was holding a guitar and offered to play a song for me. I immediately got off my bike. 

I mentioned the an old Irish song.  He said he would look it up. I asked him for a dream and he told me of one where he is with his ex and she it talking about something that is lost, forgotten, left behind. He is a young man in mid twenties, has bachelors and is a construction site worker currently. 

The women, in the dream, is his ex girlfriend. His unconscious is using her as a symbol as it knows he has a certain reverence for her and uses her as a fresh energy to discuss with him what has been lost, left behind and forgotten. This inner woman figure is trying to tell him he is not in touch with something that he knew about at an earlier time in his life.

She might ask what did you do with what you were given.

Often young men in their teen will know exactly what they want from life but because they get no encouragement from the older male figures or educational figures or from religious figures or their peers, that quest will slip away into oblivion. Our society is concerned with financial and political issues with little concern for young men and their spiritual paths.  

In order to get knowledge about this thing that is forgotten, lost or left behind, it will be necessary to have a conversation, in imagination, with this woman and find out what she is talking about. Yes that sort of talk is going out on a limb.  

He can do this by drawing her, and by drawing some representation of what has been lost. They do not have to be something concrete. It can be a color or a shape. The unconscious will be happy to look into what has been offered and bring in more light.  Right now there is a darkness over the dream until he brings out something that shines from it. Would it not be great to figure out what the dream is talking about?

When he offered his dream I had gotten off my bike.  I was on the grass on an incline below my dreamer. My view was of him and the tree and the house behind. He nodded to various cars and people on the street and watched them and spoke to them sometimes in the middle of this dream chat.  

He said he had another big dream that was very memorable from when he was younger, early twenties maybe. He thought he might have been doing yoga exercises at that time. I thought that sort of activity might have brought in the dream to him.

Plenty of diffuse white light here.

The second dream had him in a room what was filled with diffuse white light. He was in the center nailed down with big nails that went in a line f rom his hands through to his breast-bone and then down his body and down through each leg, nailing his feet almost flat onto the flood. It terrified him. He was naked.

Diffuse white light, in the river, of the sun shining back at me

To the left of him was a woman who took all the blame and or shame. To the right of him was “an innocent woman.” On one of the other sides, the one toward his feet probably, he said a woman was born out of the wall, which now looked like flesh and had colors of maroon, green. It looked like a genuine birth of a woman who came out whole and complete. He felt a malevolence from her that was terrifying.

As I lay on the grass I was mesmerized. I stretched out my arms and saw those nails nailing me down and my feet flattened. I sat up. He mentioned Jesus and said he had a strong connection with his religion. I mentioned Gulliver Travels where Gulliver is tied down. We were stumped.

A dream woman

Does the women represent his anima, his inner feminine based on relationship with a personal mother or is it a dream of our present times, where the masculine is tied down by a very negative Madusa sort  who bases importance on money and politics and has little interest in the spirituality of the young men. As we claim blamelessness and innocence does it give the negative a chance to nail us all down? 

I bid goodbye to Ralph, with him promising to look at my site and said he is not shy about having his dreams blogged  

I have often thought of the dream above since hearing it. I am currently working with pressure points without needles and sometimes I will follow those lines using pressure with my fingers. I start at the fingertips of one hand and go to the other hand bringing myself into the center, going down the body and down the legs and onto the top of my feet. It feels very energizing.

One of my books on Reflexology which I am currently using.

This dream has a luminosity of itself with the room full of diffuse white light. Whether it is Ralph’s private myth or a collective myth, he may not understand it for many years but it is a glimpse into his/our future.

Our dreams are us, whether they are vision or dream or a message directly from God. They are our current representation of where we are going and in getting into an awareness of our current free fall we can enjoy where we find ourselves. He may have to deals with some malevolence in himself , and we in our society and in dealing with it we will know our shadow and that will be the bringer of light for us. Enjoy the free fall into where we are going. Love from Rose

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