Stairs to Heaven

Sunrise this morning was at 5.55 am. 

Little Yellow airplane – after dawn on western side.

I am seeing the sunrises because I did an eleven day yoga practice starting at 5.00 am, which, at the time, was before sunrise. The practice lasted an hour and a half each time to do the yoga exercises, chanting and the meditation. The eleven days are well gone by, but I have continued with the practice. I often am up early enough to catch the sunrise. The sunrises never cease to satisfy me as the birds sing a song to the new day and the light filled sky rejoices in the return of the dawn.

Twice lately I walked out on to the dew laden grass before the sunrise and had a look at the sky and loved seeing the great Northern Cross and the Summer Triangle up there above my house. It has been a bit colder and the sky was very clear.  

Sometimes I start the relevant chant in my bed, laying myself at the feet of the Divine Mother,  and that can go on for an hour before my rushing partner checks if I am there and I feel the need to finally get up and go to my appointed place, at the eastern window. I lay out my mat and get my timer, put it on for two minute for the various exercises. 

A woman wanted to do a journey recently for me and the images she gave me were of a flying spirit animal and the gift of a winged heart. I asked a question about the fifth chakra, associated with the Thyroid. I felt there was something askew there that was blocking energy up my back and into my head chakras. It is associated with the will of God and my will, which can be at odds often.

I am not sure how I got this photo but I love the blue light in the top center.

She saw the problem, which she said was not physical, and that under the hands of a healer, within the journey, my thyroid/chakra problem left me as a dark energy that was as a cloud, not solid but as a vapor.

All healing is a gift but old ways die hard and I have to stay vigilant, as I deal with that which is raggedy in me at the throat chakra. I have to be sure to “sin no more” or as the dream said in 1995 to me, healing only comes through being certain that I will not sin again.

The final image I was given from that journey, was a ball of blue silver yarn. When ever I feel confused, I can throw that ball out in front of me and follow it. Following intuition is no more difficult than that. The way is easy then, straight forward where ever the spirit leads.

Sunset over the West – “glimpse of Heaven pulled back too late.

I have been watching sunset also and that sun can just disappear so quickly especially if I turn my back on the evening light over the mountains, to play some tunes on my melodica. I am trying to tune myself better at the end of the day.  Seeing the glow sent back up over the blue ridges of the western mountains invites me to consider the creator of it all and the energy the Creator used to bring all of nature about, both inside and outside this blue planet, inside and outside the planet of me – surely a great Nameless One. 

A later view of the same sunset above

On a small scale, the energy of just one sunflower seed is displayed in one of the cards brought to me by a client. She likes to pull a card in the morning. In the card, a sunflower plant is being watered by a young man. There were seven heads of sunflowers and the plant was as big as the man watering it. 

The image stayed with me as I pondered this explosion of energy from one seed to probably thousands from one plant. The availability of energy to that plant is staggering. This multiplication in the physical is all around us. We already have energy for our own healing, for others, for climate, our planet, to have life in more abundance.

Looking up into the staggering amount of creativity above me.

The Forth of July is upon us today. I watched a display of fireworks and heard the crowd cheering afterwards. I was not brought up with fireworks and have always looked at them with the eye of “is it good for nature, for the birds and the bees, my ears etc.” I prefer inner firewors now brought on by my meditation.

I remember the first year, in 1985 we went to Byrd Park in Richmond and my three year old was frightened and I was not much better. We got up and left the Fire work’s display, fearful of the noise and those booming lights coming down to us.

We are still working with our house to have the attic space declared living space. It lends itself to endless perseveration about the negative possibilities. When I woke up last night a few minutes after 2.00 am I was determined to lay down my head and after some serious saying of the “Our Father” and tacking on “from where I come from” I was able to take my head off and lay it down at the door of the Divine Mother to better see the light shining up like a great sunrise from her heart and connecting with its pace in the heart of me, that is there with me all the time. The winged heart may be better able to fly without the head rattling along beside me.

It is good to abandon the rustling and rattling of my head and leave it down so that when I walk around my head is not rusling and my clothes talking.

Left over beautiful pattern from the replaced rail to have it meet code.

In the Journey mentioned above I had a question about my will and God’s will and the practitioner said that they are one and the same. As I breath in God’s will, I am filled by God and as I breath out, I push into that space with who I am as Rose Marie. More and More of God, Less and less of Rose Marie is the prayer. And when it comes to selling the house I remember the promise “I am with you through it all.” What ever twist and turns it takes I have to bow my head and accept each step as it comes, throwing out the ball of light blue and connecting with the Divine mother no matter what. I am looking for the stairs to Heaven.



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